December 5 06

…if this post seems a bit scattered today. you see, it’s a balmy -6 degrees out this morning (that’s 22 degrees if you live south of the border) and i’m not prepared. yes, i realize that i’ve lived in a cold climate for a LONG freakin’ time, but i still am never prepared when winter rears its ugly head.

I don’t have proper winter boots because i’m vain i haven’t gotten around to it. my various hats and scarves and gloves from last year have all seemed to disappear. And i really need to get me a pair of these. (hee. they’re called earbags)

so…since my brain is still defrosting, this post may be all over the place.

our friends got themselves a brand-spanking new fancy-ass new car. but truth be told, i don’t even know what make of car it is (Lexus, perhaps?) because the only thing that i really care about is that their new car has a fart button. no, i’m not kidding. i’m sure it’s not the technical term, and it’s probably not what the button was specifically designed for.

but…you can fart, push the button, and the smell is gone! it’s like magic. and it’s, like, any wife’s dream.

i’ve felt of late that bloglines has really pissed me off. when i first heard about it a few months ago, i was on board instantly. a website that tells me when the blogs i read are updated??!!! could anything be better than that? no more constant refreshing of pages to see if someone has posted??!! can you imagine the convenience of this concept? wait…what’s that? i was the very last person to hear about this??

for a few months, it was bliss. but then, i would begin to wonder…it’s not like rsm to NOT update her blog daily. and miss zoot? she’s a sometimes thrice-daily updater! what’s going on? were they out of town? I don’t want to have to go hunting down the sites i read. that’s why i have a reader in the first place.

well…people everywhere have been telling me to switch to google reader. it’s better! it’s pretty! it’s user-friendly! it updates instantaneously! so, because over at Schnozzfest, i learned that i could import my bloglines into google reader, i figured i had nothing to lose. so, i switched over.

and it’s painfully slow. painful. but, people are right. it’s much, much better than bloglines. but i can’t take the delays. it takes so long to click on anything. to delete anything. and bloglines automatically marks the sites you’ve been to as read…on google you need to manually mark them as read. pain in the ass.

so…what’s better? who uses bloglines? who uses google reader? anyone have a strong preference either way? anything i can do about the sllllllllllllllloooooooooooowwwwwww-ness of the google reader? because i think if it was faster, i would totally break up with bloglines…like…yesterday. but i can’t make the committment until google gets a little faster. and i can’t go back to bloglines until they start updating their sites quicker. what to do? what to do? what to do?

okay, also, anyone else completely addicted to Heroes?!!

  1. Bloglines has been pissing me off lately too…So temperamental. I’d break up with him too if I knew of something better…I’ll check out the other place and let you know what I think.

    I’m friggin’ freezing too. It’s in my bones.

    Comment by Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom on December 5, 2006
  2. Oh my God! We’ve only just started watching Heroes and addiction is a word much too light for the feeling I have about the show. It is SO good, damn it. Well written, well produced, really well acted…and it’s not even on HBO. Who would have thought?

    Comment by Irina on December 5, 2006
  3. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’m not prepared for winter when it slams into town. You’d think I’d have winter boots too, but no…I just keep shlepping along in my Vans. LOL!

    Bloglines has been terrible for me for quite a while. I imported all of my feeds to Reader this weekend and I noticed that there are certain feeds that update quicker in Bloglines than in Reader, and vice versa. I’m kind of bouncing back and forth between the two of them and I seem to be okay with that method, although it’s super annoying. *sigh*

    Comment by mamatulip on December 5, 2006
  4. Heroes has replaced Lost as my show I cannot wait to see (and for those who know me that is significant).

    I too used Bloglines and have switched to the google reader. As far as manually marking posts as “read”, next time try clicking in the right pane and scrolling up/down with your mousewheel… it marks them read for me that way.

    Comment by Jeff on December 5, 2006
  5. I’m still using Bloglines – I’m too lazy to copy everything over.

    Comment by Rebecca on December 5, 2006
  6. A fart button? Damn. Now that’s some good engineering right there.

    Comment by Chris on December 5, 2006
  7. Totally hearing you on the -6 weather! How about -11 today?? But I have my winter gear already. mostly.

    Bloglines, still using it, happy with it so far.

    Heroes, TOTALLY addicted! So is hubby!

    Comment by Jay on December 5, 2006
  8. Yup! The Lexus has a fart button! It is the. best. invention. ever. well, maybe not the best but it’s definitely right up there 🙂

    Comment by Tova on December 5, 2006
  9. Bloglines has been a pain in my ass lately, but I’m too lazy to go check out google reader. I had to delete and re-add zoot into my bloglines since she switched to wordpress, and so now bloglines will occasionally tell me when she’s updated, but not very regularly. Also ever since I upgraded my wordpress bloglines has been taking HOURS to show that I’ve updated, which is so not okay with me. Gee, it seems i maybe could have used all this energy I’ve spent complaining about bloglines to go check out google reader. But that would just be far too efficient.

    Comment by Audrey on December 5, 2006
  10. 3 things:

    1. Hilarious! I want a fart button!

    2. I use Google reader, but I display it on my personalized Google homepage. Works better than going to the actual Google Reader page, cause it displays the headline, you click and it gives you a little bubble with the info.. then it goes away. It does take a while to tell you when there’s a new post, though. I never used bloglines so I can’t compare.

    3. I *HEART* Heroes. It’s my favorite.

    Comment by Sadie on December 5, 2006
  11. On the Lexus website the fart button is PC’ed to: “The system also features an air filter with an automatic recirculation mode.”

    Read as: a quick blast of outside air to get rid of any unwanted odours that may be wafting through your vehicle.

    Comment by Giblet on December 5, 2006
  12. It is always so educational to read your blog! Who knew about the fart button! It might make me trade in my 6 year old paid off car…of course, this is the one who was momentarily tempted by $670 Prada shoes…so my judgment may be questionable.

    I didn’t know about these reader things so can’t comment. I just have my blogs set up as a folder under Bookmarks and I open it in tabs and then just flip through. And I have felt that anger when people whose blogs I love haven’t updated lately. I’ve also sent e-mails to bloggers who haven’t updated to make sure they are OK!

    Are we bloggers going to have to leave our access information to someone in our wills so we can let our “bleaders” know if we die???

    Comment by Di on December 5, 2006
  13. LOVE Heroes! I’m hooked, too. Josh and I watched it after Stranger Than Fiction last night. We couldn’t go to bed without seeing it!

    I’m still at bloglines. I don’t have as many sites bloglined as you do, and I’m not experiencing the update issues as bad as you are (I know this because you complain to me about it, and I’m like “sure, yeah…”, all the while thinking “whatevs.”) But, let me know if you figure out the slowness issue of google reader. I’ll check it myself, mind you, too….I’m intrigued, very intrigued.

    Comment by haley-o on December 5, 2006
  14. My son loves Heroes…I’m afraid to even start because I don’t need an additional obsession. But for those tempted to get into it, you can go to this web site and watch the episodes.
    I haven’t done it personally, but my kids have told me about it. I may have to check out Heroes…it’s cheaper than buying a new car with a fart button.

    Comment by Di on December 5, 2006
  15. I am not tech savvy enough to use readers and bloglines and all that. Like Di, I just have all mine bookmarked and I click through them and if one isn’t updated I click on the next. It is very quick and easy. That is a good idea though to put them all in one folder.

    Comment by Jennifer on December 5, 2006
  16. darlinkkkkk. Shivering is excercise. so there, shiver away in your vanity and lose a few pounds (that you sooo do not need to lose). As to bloglines? Have it, do not know how to use it. I am a sad sad wayback machine.

    Comment by anne/crazymumma on December 5, 2006
  17. I’m having trouble with Bloglines so I’m going to check out this google thing and I’ll get back to you. I’m from the East Coast so I understand the difficulty with adjusting to this cold (I’m used to snow but not this bone-chilling cold). And the fart button – woah – I had no idea that existed. Can I get one for my living room?

    Comment by motherbumper on December 5, 2006
  18. Um, fart button? Good gawd, what will they think of next?!

    Comment by Stacie on December 6, 2006
  19. See, I am not getting the Google Reader slowness. I don’t click individual feeds, I just read the whole “New Items” scroll … and I have it set so when I scroll past something, Google automatically marks it as read. So I’m always working with ONE scroll, just of NEW stuff, unless I decide to go back to something old, which I’ll do now and then.

    Maybe that’s why it works so well for me? I don’t know. I’ve been disappointed to hear how frustrated people are with it—that’s just not been my experience at all. But I think it has a lot to do with the way GR is used … I think it just doesn’t work for everyone. Sorry! I hope you find something that works for you soon. 🙂

    Comment by Schnozz on December 7, 2006
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