October 10 16

We all laughed when Emily took the “What career am I best suited for?” test at school and her results told her she’d make a fine upholsterer or taxidermist. “Pollster?” I said, almost mildly hopeful. “No Mama, you know, someone who covers couches.” “Dream big, my love. Dream big!” Not…

September 26 16

I’m lying in bed, in my flannel pj bottoms, decompressing and resting my old lady bones after spending an entire breakless day taking over 2,000 school photos on day 1 of my busiest week ever — [I know people hate the word busy, but why? When did being busy become a…

September 22 16

Last night we had a bit of a mystery on our hands. A fish-tery, if you will. (Credit where credit is due) I will admit I was a little exhausted from 6th grade meet-the-teacher night and was looking forward to crawling into bed early with a remote in my hand….

September 20 16

Some days dinner is going to be cereal. Like, not even breakfast for dinner which typically includes pancakes or french toast or eggs or all three which I’m actually salivating thinking about because breakfast is delicious at any time of day. But seriously, sometimes the Martells have cereal for dinner….

September 15 16

*tap, tap, tap* Oh look, this thing is still on. It seems I took an accidental break from blogging, which then turned into a less-than-accidental break, but, well, building a business is proving to be the hardest and most wonderful thing I have ever done. But here’s the actual truth….

August 10 16

“Mama! Oh my goodness! You are in the pool! I can’t even believe it. This is just…THE BEST.” My little girl will never know how my heart leapt from my chest at that very moment. This week I went to Target and bought a black and white tankini. My body…