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What Being Married To An Eternal Optimist Is Like

Me: It’s December, I’m getting worried that we’ll never find a house we love. I have so much regret about that house we bid on last month and lost. I really wanted that house. Him: It wasn’t meant to be! Don’t even think about it. And no one sells in…

Pancake Heroes And One-Hour Martinizing

When I make pancakes, they always look a little bit what I’d imagine pancake autopsies would look like. Or a failed science experiment of sorts. But my kids don’t care. They are happy to eat them even if they are never shaped the way pancakes are supposed to be shaped….

How Very Le Baiser De l’hôtel de Ville

One morning in Florence, we stood on platform #12, waiting for the high-speed train to arrive from Rome only to turn around and speedily take us right back there for our last two days in Italy—two bonus days that were added to our itinerary because Alitalia changed flights on us….