December 4 06

It’s so rare that I spend one-on-one time with my son. He has a classic case of middle-child syndrome. Emily has such a strong personality, and a constant need for attention. those two characteristics, combined with the fact that she’s super attached to me, mean Joshua gets pushed to the side a lot. because he doesn’t mind. he’s so laid back. He’s just such a happy, content little boy.

A few weeks ago, we signed him up for skating lessons. Finally, something that’s all his own. he has taken other classes before – swimming and music – but Emily’s always been in them too. Because they are so close in age, they’ve often gotten lumped together, because a) it’s easier for me and b) i thought it would be nice that they’d always have each other.

but, a couple months ago he expressed an interest in hockey and learning to skate. the husband and i jumped at the chance. and we found a class for him in a perfect time slot. sunday morning. i would take the girls to Emily’s ballet class, while the husband would take the boy to skating.

imagine my surprise when Joshie turned to me and said he wanted ME to take him to skating. I jumped at the chance! Finally! some one-on-one time with my only son!

I couldn’t have been happier. Seriously.

he went out onto the ice for his 30 minute class. because it’s his second time out on the ice. ever. (and i don’t count the cheese-cutters) his intructions are fiarly simple. skate to one end of the rink and back.

i watched in pure parental bliss – so proud of my son – as he inched his way across the ice. he fell. lots. and lots. but he kept picking himself back up. and he kept going. he was in heaven. every so often he’d turn to look at me and wave. and my heart was bursting at the seams.

After skating, i treated my son to a hot chocolate at Starbucks. We chatted about girls. “Mommy, i broke up wif Kyra. Now my new girlfriend is Daniella!” We chatted about playing hockey. “Mommy, i hope i can play hockey like daddy when i gwow up!”

It just may have been the best date i’ve ever been on.

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  1. Such a great story. It’s so much fun to have one on one time with your kids. I totally hear what you’re saying.

    Comment by Jeff on December 4, 2006
  2. Doesn’t one-on-one time ROCK??? I rarely get the chance to spend time alone with each of my kids, but when the opportunity arises, I jump at the chance, too. I find each of my kids so different (angelic) when they are away from their siblings. Your son looks like he had the best day ever!

    Comment by Joanne on December 4, 2006
  3. Awwwww…wonderful!
    I’m fortunate to always get one-on-one since Scott is my only. It must be a struggle to do it with 2 or more. I’m glad he enjoys the skating. Last year Scott took skating starting in Sept, and about 8 wks later (lessons once a week) he was gliding, it was awesome! Definately a pround parent moment for you yesterday! Glad Joshie had a nice date with you too!

    Comment by Sarah on December 4, 2006
  4. Okay, I’m all choked up now. My little guy is my middle child, too, and one on one time with him is a rarity. I’m going to see if I can figure out some time in the week to just have with him.

    Comment by Rebecca on December 4, 2006
  5. Those pictures were great! That last one killed me with cuteness.

    Glad the two of you had such a successful date!

    Comment by Mrs. Chicky on December 4, 2006
  6. I love one-on-one time with Oliver. I love one-on-one time with Julia too, but it’s especially delicious with Oliver because he’s just growing up so. damn. fast.

    Congrats on your bronze, BTW. 🙂

    Comment by mamatulip on December 4, 2006
  7. Aww Aww Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! My heart is melting just reading this. I’m so happy for you, him! And, I love these pictures! 🙂 I love taking the monkey to Starbucks, too….If only I could avoid the chai teas! Help me!!!!

    Comment by haley-o on December 4, 2006
  8. Such a sweet story! I can’t wait to have kids of my own so I can have stories like that, too. And that picture of him with the starbucks cup is just too adorable.

    Comment by Audrey on December 4, 2006
  9. Is that MY Danyella he’s dating?? Sucks for Kyra!

    Comment by alisa on December 4, 2006
  10. Ali, sounds like you had a totally fab time – I also LOVE it when I can spend some 1on1 time with each of my children, as it is rare! I love going places with Toby as he is so easy going (that middle child again LOL!), but I also love going out with Jeremy as well (we had a lovely trip to Kmart this morning ha, ha). I spend plenty of time with the ‘randa and that is a different sort of special.

    Mmmm, you have inspired me again – as my kids are also Canadian they should learn how to skate as well!!! Might give it a try over the school holidays.

    Comment by Heidi on December 4, 2006
  11. Wait, I thought it was my Daniella.

    Comment by Adrienne on December 4, 2006
  12. OMGosh is that ever adorable!!!! This post just melted my heart!!
    I can’t wait until Carter is that age, I just hope that he wants to hang out with his mom!!!

    Comment by s@m on December 4, 2006
  13. Hope you had a good time with little man..He sure is cute

    Comment by amy on December 5, 2006
  14. Starbucks is SO underrated as a parent/child bonding experience…but it is definitely so for me and my 13 year old daughter. I would counter with my own post showing a picture of the fruit of my loins with her Starbucks cup, but she would probably die of embarrassment if I pulled out my camera in the middle of Starbucks. So, I will offer this link to my friend’s blog…her daughter is still young enough to be unable to voice any objections:


    Comment by Di on December 5, 2006
  15. I love going on dates with my older girl. And we always do a coffee shop thing as well. This must be JUST what he needs, and oh man, is he ever a blend of the best of the two of you!
    Um, he has girlfriends?…I am officially overloading on cuteness…

    Comment by anne/crazymumma on December 5, 2006
  16. Awesome day, huh? Great pictures! So glad you were able to spend a wonderful day with your son!

    Comment by Stacie on December 6, 2006
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