Category: The Baby

Mornings With Isabella, Sandy Beaches, and Fear Conquering

This morning began much like every other morning: I checked to see if April the giraffe is still pregnant. Isabella yelling at me about something. My baby, it seems, isn’t so much a morning person unless it’s Saturday — the one day a week I could potentially do some sort…

Fish-tery Solved, But We May Never Sleep Again

Last night we had a bit of a mystery on our hands. A fish-tery, if you will. (Credit where credit is due) I will admit I was a little exhausted from 6th grade meet-the-teacher night and was looking forward to crawling into bed early with a remote in my hand….

On Persistence, On Vision Therapy

Once, at the zoo, wee Isabella had a predicament. She was thirsty, and wanted to drink from the water fountain, unassisted. (“I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF!“) (A little stubborn, that one.) The problem, of course, was that it was a little bit of a tricky challenge. She couldn’t quite…