February 10 06

that i will NEVER get back.
i am a creature of consistency. and i like to be in control.
i like things to go the way they normally do.
any variation on the normal theme is NOT okay with me.

this is why i don’t like traveling so much.
this is why i don’t like puking.
it’s that whole losing control of the situation thing…

that’s why this morning was a disaster for me.
here’s how it went down.
drive to superstore.
wait for roadside assistance to come.
wait and wait and wait.
wait for the guy to put on my spare.
drive to green and ross (i think that’s what it’s called)
wait for them to fix said tire.
wait and wait and wait.
oh, and need the bathroom. badly. (but since i prefer to…um…NOT do my business in public bathrooms….prefer to hold it in)
oh, and freeze my ass off because apparently, green and ross doesn’t believe it heating their establishment. and oh, yeah, it happens to be the coldest day it’s been in oh, about a freakin’ year.

why don’t things like that happen in the summer, when i could have just sat outside and gotten tan? oh, i know. because i’m UNLUCKY. oh, and i don’t tan either…

now i’m home. and i have to leave shortly to drive carpool. christ.


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