February 9 06

so…i took Isabella food shopping with me today.
I so rarely do this because…well, basically, because anyone who has taken a child food shopping knows fully well that it’s just a pain in the ass. bundling up. taking her out in the cold. shlepping the infant seat. trying to fit it in the shopping cart.
but today is the husband’s birthday (happy birthday, baby!) and to celebrate, he took the boy and girl downtown to his office. well, i guess it didn’t happen exactly like that. jhoanne needed to go down for something – renewing her US visa i think – and she took the kids on the subway and he met them at the platform. It was such a treat for them…they got to see Daddy’s office, have lunch there and most importantly, get the day off of school.
so, today it was just me and my bella.
and as i was walking out of the Superstore i was thinking, “what on earth was I ever complaining about when it was just me and Emily? having one kid is a breeze! so easy! it’s nothing like having three!”….and then….right before me…

flat as all heck.

so, i put isabella in the car.
i put the shopping bags in the car.
and i call the husband.

what a shitty end to a really nice day with my baby.
my mother in law had to come and pick us up.
my van is still sitting in the superstore parking lot.
and now my morning tomorrow will be spent getting a new tire.

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