February 10 06

~okay…first, quitty mcquitterson decides to quit. oh, and then decides not to quit. his ass should have been booted straight out of panama. what an idiot. why was he picked first???? that, i can’t understand. shane. hate train. i’m all over that.

~okay…and then? “Oh, I hope I don’t lose this thing.” okay, sally? next time? try out your spear in shallow water. just a tip.

~okay…and johnny honest…i’m going to vote one of you out. what a freakin’ moron. have none of these people EVER watched survivor before?

~sheesh…what was covering Misty? ew.

~best line? “La Mina still in the lead, but only because Casaya is absolutely inept”

~I like Mr. Miyagi. i hope he stays a little longer.

~poor Bobby (is that even his name?). He deserves to win this thing for having to put up with Cirie landing on his head, crotch first. yikes! think it was because she was scared of the LEAVES?

~and Danielle’s boobs? they are getting more face time than any of the actual tribe members. anyone else annoyed by her chicklet teeth? (they are so very Hilary Duff-esque)


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