September 20 04

1) Sarah Sarvis and Federico Milla are hardly famous, but their wedding story makes me laugh harder than the Federlines, so they take top billing. They are both residents at New York Hospital, and won a free wedding. They even hired celebrity “witness” Tara Reid. When the group was posing for their pictures, they noticed a horrible smell, only to realize that Tara Reid’s hair had gotten to close to the candles! “Her hair didn’t flame up, but it did smell awful,” Sarvis said. “Luckily we didn’t have to use our medical training to treat her.” ha….laughing my ass off.

2) Oops..she did it again. and now she’s a stepmom. There are mixed reports as to what the bride and her bridesmaids wore to the actual ceremony, but everyone’s in agreement that after the ceremony, Britney quickly changed into a velour sweatsuit for the supertacky afterparty at a Hollywood nightclub. She ordered the entire wedding party to ditch their tuxedos and dresses for loungewear outfits, some of which were emblazoned with “Pimp” and “Pimp Daddy.” And they ate chicken fingers. classy, Britney, very classy.

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