September 20 04

in this musing: 7th Heaven, Everwood, Survivor, The Apprentice, Jack and Bobby. I realize it’s been a while since I’ve done a really good recap on the shows i’ve been watching…(I had a busy boss is in Greece)

~ 7th Heaven: I’ve said this, more than once, i believe. Someone needs to put this show out of its misery. it’s so bad. oooh…no one cares that Simon might or might not be having sex. He’s in college, people. and no one cares anymore about Lucy’s issues with communication. and that her pants fall down a lot. and no one cares about Ruthie because she’s the devil. no one cares. take the show off the air. i can’t believe i wasted my time…

~ Everwood: I was so happy to have my Everwood back, and was excited to hear of the addition of my Bailey to the show. but, it’s not the same. Ephram’s too broody, and the side-burns have got to go. I’m hoping to see some better things out of this season…

~ Survivor: I love Jeff Probst. Something about watching him in action when he gets all intense..mmm..just makes me love him more. okay, i can’t understand why Chris was NOT voted out. he was so bad – he couldn’t drag his body across a freakin’ log. i can do that for goodness sake. the man with the prostetic limb can do it. it should have been, “your tribe has spoken” for Chris and not Brook. What did Brook do? i mean, yeah, sure, he has a woman’s name, but that’s not his fault. If this turns into a game of voting off the good-looking (or at least decent-looking), capable people (don’t these people know anything about survivor – you keep the strong players in the beginning because you NEED them to win challenges and then you vote them off later when they are actually threats….people are so dumb) I will stop watching. You heard it here folks. i will stop watching. the same way i stopped watching american idol when Latoya London was voted off.

~ The Apprentice: Good rule of thumb – never get cocky when Donald Trump is invovled. He fired Bradford because he could. plain and simple. and because Bradford bruised his big fat ego. Ivana’s ass should have been thrown to the curb, but she got lucky. Another good rule of thumb i learned from my prenatal classes (and never thought i’d use again) – always have your bag packed and ready to go. mmm….donut flavored ice cream….

~ Jack and Bobby: This show baffled the hell out of me, but intrigues me enough to keep watching. Okay, i think i’m got it down now. Jack and Bobby have nothing to do with the Kennedys. Jack is older and is an ass. Bobby is younger and has asthma. Bobby goes on to become Independent party president (even though his mother, a very manly and old looking Christine Lahti, is a hard-core democrat) and marries Jack’s dare-o-say girlfriend, Courtney. oh, and Jack dies. at some point. but no one knows when. all we know is that Bobby contacts Courtney “sometime” after Jack dies to help out with campaign…I’ll keep watching, if only to see Christine Lahti smoke a little more pot.

  1. voting off the good looking people is nothing new in survivor. hot chicks always go first…

    Comment by Giblet on September 21, 2004

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