September 20 04

There’s nothing like taking your daughter to school in the morning and having to steer clear of the pile of puke right outside the schoolyard. ick.

There’s also nothing like taking your daughter to school only to have her superglue herself to your leg. i don’t really understand. the first week of school she couldn’t get away from me fast enough. “Bye Mommy, see ya later” was all the attention she gave me in the morning.

This morning, however, she did NOT want me to leave. It makes me feel torn because i leave her school and head to work every morning so the longer i stay with her, the later i am to work. But, i know that she’s amazing at school. she’s an outgoing kid. One of the moms who i don’t know came over to me and said, “this is Emily? my daughter Sarah doesn’t stop talking about Emily. Would you like Emily to come over and play at our house?” Ah….the joys of motherhood. My daughter is well-liked and popular. 🙂

I know it’s probably because her last day of school was last tuesday – she’s been at home with us for almost a week. she got used to that. This month of Jewish holidays is terrible on these kids. they are just starting to get used to being in school and then they have a two day week, a four day week and then two more two day weeks in a row. it’s too much for them.

hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

  1. Yeah i gota agree…a holiday’s always welcome…but THAT’s simply too many a holiday…

    Comment by adrock2xander on September 21, 2004
  2. Hope Emily did better today!

    Comment by Anonymous on September 21, 2004
  3. she didn’t 🙁 she cried. it was heart-breaking. but, i totally know that she does it for the attention from me, because she loves school.

    Comment by Ali on September 21, 2004

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