April 1 05

~~Okay, for the record, i’m not a huge Chris fan. i think he’s a lunatic and scary, and i think he’s a ticking time bomb, but he DID NOT threaten Alex. Dude.

~~What was Stephanie thinking??? she deserved to be fired simply because she decided that going to Brooklyn to deliver pizzas was a GOOD idea. Moron. and how awesome was Carolyn’s “look” when she heard that?

~~Apprentice mangled English strikes again…and twice in one episode. First Tana says, “This isn’t rocket scientist!” and then Stephanie says, “They were argumentive with each other.” At least Tana’s made me laugh.

~~i’m liking Tana and Kendra (“Trump must have been a rapper in a past life. I’ve never seen so much gold in my life!”).

~~smirky Bren gives me the creep-ola-s.


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