April 1 05

this episode was only “eh” for me. there’s only so much slaughtering of Ulong that i can take. it’s no longer fun to watch Koror win challenges and watch Ulong lose them.

i love how Gregg and Jenn’s survivor relationship would probably be the same off the island…”You don’t pay attention enough to me…you are standoffish….” yada yada…

and poor Bobby Jon. Not only does he get super flustered at the big giant puzzle, but his little black fish gets completely overshadowed by Tom’s great white shark catch. poor guy. can’t he get a break?

Janu seriously looked like she was going to DIE during the immunity challenge.

at this point, it doesn’t make any sense to merge. with 8 against 2, Ulong would just send Bobby Jon and Stephenie home in the first two tribal councils. so, either way, their days are numbered. it was so dumb not to merge the two tribes earlier. but, when ulong loses again next week (and they will lose. oh yes, they will) how are they going to do a vote with two people?

BTW – remember when Survivor was great and there was no food at all? it was so much more fun to watch players waste away then to see them gorging themselves on all their over-abundance of food. case in point? Katie hasn’t shed a single pound.


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