April 1 05

that people take such delight in the misfortune of others???

the husband and i were talking about how so many parents get cheap thrills out of highlighting all the amazing things that their children do, and pointing out all the things that other children DON’T do.

our friends were recently somewhere and two sets of parents were watching their son and had no trouble pointing out that their son was a “slow talker”. whatever. give the kid a break. so, he’s not speaking tons yet. who the heck cares?

both my kids were early talkers. does that mean anything? nothing. nothing at all. does that mean that my kids are better than the late talkers? or perhaps smarter in some way? no. both my kids crawled late. so, does that mean that they are physically more weak than the kids who crawled early??

here’s a fact. every child develops differently. some are early to do things. some are late. it’s as simple as that. the majority of the kids all catch up at some point.

here’s a tip. let your kids enjoy life. and let their parents enjoy watching their children enjoy life. stop pointing out deficiencies in others. it’s bad for your complexion.


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