May 6 05

~~what a great episode. the husband and i replayed Jenn’s face as Gregg was snuffed. it was downright demonic. she’s pissed. and she was totally blindsided. AWESOME!! i love it!

~~and why is Katie still so fat? no one lives out in the wilderness for that long and keeps that much flab on her body. i mean, really, she must have a secret snickers stash somewhere.

~~and Coby having spasms over on the jury…classic. and what’s with Stephenie? she looked much better when she was dirty.

~~Caryn’s dead wrong. getting out first in the reward challenge was a clear indication of where you stood in the tribe. Remember, Tom had only promised you 6th….

~~Ian’s facial hair bugs. he’s got no beard, but he’s got some weird cheek hair. ew.

~~gotta love Tom’s “shady lady Katie”

~~at first i thought Ian was a dumb-ass for running and telling KAtie…but it worked to their advantage. she got too nervous about the purple rock, putting her chances in jeopardy, so she switched sides.


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