May 6 05

~~so, straight and to the point, Craig is given the big ole’ heave ho. “Craig, all the executives agreed you suck, so get the hell out of my office.” obviously, not TRump’s actual wording, but that sure was what he was saying!

~~the return of Danny makes me cringe. he seriously needs to stop singing jingles. seriously.

~~and what the hell is the matter with Chris? he needed to call Tana because he couldn’t find parking? what is he, three years old? Kristen, Chris and Brian truly are the Three Stooges. She couldn’t have gotten a more incompetant staff. and i loved Tana shmoozing with Carolyn in the limo. it probably wasn’t the most professional move…but it made me smile.

~~While i’m happy that this season’s winner will be a woman, i fear that both Tana and Kendra would both be eaten alive by Trump and his world. And let’s pray to heaven that Tana never wears that furry red thing again.

~~i feel like it’s anybody’s game at this point..


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