May 6 05

~~my favorite line (besides the above one, of course) was when Seth said Zach’s hair was Shaun Cassidy.

~~what’s with this “I’m a waterpolo player, we’re never nice” bullshit?? Zach is nice. period.

~~Caleb and Julie are just annoying. get divorced already. or kill Caleb already. just do something please.

~~Theresa? returns? yikes!

~~Okay, i love Summer and all, but when she but when she did that whole thing, “No one be messing with my men!” and snaps her fingers thing, i about died. all i kept thinking was…”oh no, she didn’t!”

~~and i’ll admit, i’m enjoying the Ryan/Trey/Marissa storyline much more than the Summer/Zach/Seth triangle.

~~the accident was pretty predictable.


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