June 22 05

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Well, that’s it. I’ve said farewell to my girl. “You’re my boy, Blue!” she says all choked up :).

I guess I’ve gotten over the fact that i’m now officially a mini-van mom, although i’d like to consider myself a hot soccer mom (or at least i will be, when i lose the baby weight…).

There are actually some nice things about driving a new car. Not only does it have a DVD player, which is all well and good, but the car has a CD player (which my jeep did not…i became an expert at taping my cd’s so i could listen to them in the jeep…what a pain in the arse).

I’ve also discovered something else on my new van. something wonderful.
I got into the van to go make my usual starbucks run and i was looking at the clock and it says, “Howie.” what the hell, i thought? what could this mean? then it goes on to say, “Day”. hmm? what is this? then it says, “Collide.” and i just about died. Yes, Virginia, that IS the coolest thing ever! my radio is telling me what song is playing!!! ah!! amazing!

oh…and things actually work on this vehicle. i can’t tell you how nice it is to drive a car that has a rearview mirror! and it doesn’t stall on me! Imagine that!

this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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