June 21 05

(Think: Anthony Michael Hall with his pencil up his nose in The Breakfast Club)

1. Which superhero are you? Acrording to this, I’m Spiderman.
2. Which actor or actress are you? Reese Witherspoon.
3. What book are you? Hot Mama: How to Have a Babe and Be a Babe.
4. What sport are you? tennis
5. Which fictional character (movies or literature) are you? Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables
6. What animal are you? monkey
7. What food are you? macaroni and cheese – a classic…always a fan favorite
8. What city are you? Atlanta – cosmopolitan, but with a laid-back attitude. warm and fuzzy.
9. What movie are you? Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
10. Which book of the Bible are you? Proverbs
11. Which day of the week are you? Wednesday (hump day…of course…)
12. Which cartoon character are you? Smurfette
13. What toy or game are you? monopoly
14. Which Beatle are you? John
15. Which Monkee are you? It seems I’m Peter Tork.
16. What article of clothing are you? easy. black turtleneck. always looks good.
17. Which member of Ocean’s 11 are you? Linus Caldwell – the rookie
18. What time of day are you? 3:00pm
19. What candy are you? twizzlers. mmm….twizzlers…
20. Which Crayola crayon color are you? wild blue yonder

lifted from Jon.

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