June 23 05

Well, July 15th is my official last day at work. Woohoo! I’m really looking forward to accomplishing so many things before this baby is born.

I gained 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks, which, surprisingly, i’m not all that upset about. I’m pretty much on target to gain the exact same 24 that i gained with the other two. well, maybe a few less this time.

The baby, aka the acrobat, has become less agile and active, most likely due to less room in my stomach. I’m certainly not complaining. it’s nice to get some moments of inactivity during the day.

Eating is still an issue for me, in that, i don’t want to eat anything. sweet things? blech. Sushi? almost made me puke. Mexican? i’ve totally OD’ed on the Mexican. There are only two things that i’m at all interested in. My frappaccinos and cookie dough. not cookie dough ice cream. actual cookie dough. as in, if someone handed me a tube of ready made cookie dough, i could eat my way through it. salmonella city sweetheart….real healthy for the baby. and for me.

i still have my belly button, but it’s all awkward and weird-shaped on the inside.

i’m sick of all my maternity clothing. i can’t wait until i no longer have to wear elastic to be comfortable.

oh, and i’m outgrowing my bras – again. i swear, these puppies are out of control.

i think that’s all there is to report. nothing exciting, i’m afraid.


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