September 22 05

okay..i don’t know if this is in the states or not, because i believe he says, “take the challenge, Canada.” but i’m not sure.

The ad is for the Special K challenge. Carson Kressley shows up on the screen advising people who have reached their target goal weight to replace a meal a day with special K and these said people can expect to maintain their body weight.

okay…I ask you, what percentage of people in Canada have reached their goal weights? um…i’m guessing about 3%. almost everyone i know is either trying to lose weight or is complaining that he or she is overweight (except for you naturally skinny bitches…and you don’t count). So, there is almost no target audience. and trust me, people who are at the weight that they want to be at don’t really need tips on how to stay there. they’ve obviously done something right without the special K.

it’s the people who need to lose weight and can’t who need the advice. maybe special K needs to go back to selling the pilates dvds. personally, i’d rather look at Cindy Crawford anyday…:)

  1. that is awsome! i totally agree, i mean who the hell has actually reached their target weight? people dont even know when they’ve reached the right weight anymore. anyhow if you look at the nutrition facts on special k theres like 1gram of fiber per 1cup- are you telling me that’ll improve your metabolism?

    Comment by Sarah on June 28, 2008

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