September 22 05

~~should i be embarrassed to say that i liked it? i didn’t think i would, but i mean, come on, writing a children’s book is right up my alley.

~~and i liked the name Matchstick…and i knew that Martha would like it too…that’s right up HER alley! but Primarius. Oy.

~~”You just don’t fit in. Goodbye.” will never, ever beat “You’re fired.” and the goodbye letter at the end was cheesy and unnecessary. i want the cab-terview.

~~ loved this: Jeff: ” I’ll look for your failing!”Jim: “I’m sure.”Jeff: “Next week, I think.” I’m happy Jeff’s gone…but Jim is way way way too cocky for me. he’s not long for this game, i think.

~~what was up with the Quasi-George and that damn cigar? i want my Georgie back. and my Carolyn. Alexis is boring as toast.

~~it seems Martha and I both have a little man-crush on Howie 🙂 it’s not my fault though…i have a thing for men reading to children…

~~Bettheny bugs. big time.


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