September 21 05

~~this episode was just “meh” to me, but i did like that it was chock full of pop culture references: the Runaway Bride, Revenge of the Sith, Bewitched, March of the Penguins, conservative blonde beanpole Ann Coulter, ringtones and The Graduate all in the first fifteen minutes.

~~i was super glad to see Luke back in his baseball hat and flannels. i didn’t like last week’s Luke.

~~Paul Anka is cute, but i think he’ll get real old, real fast.

~~i seriously despise Liz and TJ. get them off the tv. pronto. i’d so much rather see Lane or Sookie or Paris.

~~okay, seriously, what was with the whole skirt and bathing suit getup? it took me until she turned around to even realize it was a bathing suit and not a ridiculously tight tucked-in tank top.

~~it’s nice to see some Luke and Lorelai chemistry. they had it last night.

~~and which founding father do YOU fancy? i’m going to go with John Adams being the best lover. 🙂


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