November 21 05

well, last night both Adina and Dikla were SHOCKED that i said i didn’t watch Desperate Housewives and that i’d stopped after the second show of the second season. so, sucker than i am, watched last night. crap. and i enjoyed it. crap. and i’ll likely watch it again. crap. i was doing so well at cutting down my tv watching.

i have seriously had enough of the “offer no sympathy when sick” game that the husband and i have been playing for quite some time. it’s not funny anymore. really, it’s not. i’m sick. nothing major…just that sore throat i’ve had for the past 3 weeks has finally turned into some sort of flu bug. but, the girl is sick too, and the baby. and so she wasn’t herself last night. needed to be carried and held and comforted. but i was also not myself. (i needed to be carried and held and comforted.) but the husband had different plans. he needed to build his IKEA furniture. great.

when 10 o’clock came around, i prayed that she would just eat and go to sleep, which, thankfully, she did (she’s such a good girl). and afterwards, i collapsed into bed and fell asleep for the night…until 7:15, when isabella woke up. so, having had a pretty rested night, i’m feeling a lot better today. it’s really just a cold now. but i’m so peeved that not only did the husband offer absolutely ZERO sympathy, he hasn’t even acknowledged that it exists.

and to top it off, he didn’t even finish building the stinkin’ furniture.

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