November 21 05

It’s come to the point where there’s no one on this show who doesn’t rock my socks. seriously. where can i even start?

~Cristina – loved her “whatever” when joe showed up with his boyfriend. loved her going into the hospital, even though Burke was at the house. “liquor is like oxygen to WASPs”

~Burke – loved him. performing surgery on the turkey was priceless.

~George – i was really hoping he’d pick a car…

~Meredith – there was mucho chemistry between Meredith and Mcdreamy. but, i’m starting to think she’s too good for him.

~Alex – i like his friendship with Meredith – the head pat was great. i’m glad he showed up for the dinner in the end.

~Bailey – she seriously makes the entire show. best line? dr. ass: “With balls the size of Texas!” to which Bailey the Nazi answers: “That big?” or “He would have made a great father.” aw.

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