January 14 10

So, yesterday, I was minding my own business, carrying out my very exciting day of running errands and cooking and cleaning and working (my life is ALL glamor, let me tell you.) and I was actually about ready to give you a kind of six-month review, to tell you how my life has changed in the last little while (read: complete 180) whereupon I chose to give up my office job and my live-in nanny to become a work-at-home mom and spend as much time with my children as I can, to really know them, and even though I spend many many hours of my day being tired and cranky and busy and dammit, and I seriously can’t remember the last movie I saw in the theater that wasn’t animated, it’s totally 100% worth it…I got this text:

At noon, I need you to go to Perimeter Mall. Text me when you are there.

Of course, because I am a control freak, I begin to panic. What’s going on? And wait…do I need to shower? Do I need to eat lunch before I do this? Do I need to wear pants?

Go to Starbucks. Order a latte. Drink it. Enjoy. Head to Bath & Body Works and tell them you are Ali. Text me when you are done there.

Go to Anthropologie. Tell them you are Ali. Lemme know when you are done there.

A room full of clothing for me to try on. a gift card. and a dress (and a sweater and a shirt and a belt. whee!)

Go to American Cookie Company and tell them you are picking up for Martell.

That is all. Go and have yourself a GREAT day!


That’s really all I can say.


(mostly because my mouth is chock full of chocolate chip cookie goodness)

(really, the cake now only says “I and lo”)

(my ass REALLY wishes I was kidding about that)

But while my ass and I are fighting over whether or not I should have one.last.piece. I will direct your attention over to this little flasher dude. You may have seen him before on such delurker days as 2009 and 2008 where I urged all of you readers who read but never comment to jump in and leave me a comment today. Let me know you are reading…I’d like to see you somewhere other than in my statcounter!!

So, now I’m back for the twenty-ten version. This year, I have decided that I am going to give $1 for every comment I get to the Help4Anissa fund. I realize that some people are giving money to Haiti and I think it’s truly amazing. I donated yesterday morning after waking up and not being able to turn away from the horrific photos on CNN. But, MY ANISSA, she hits much closer to home for me. You see, my friend Anissa, she is a rockstar. She came out of that coma and called me The Alimartell. She is talking, laughing, joking, reading. She is amazing, but stroke recovery is a long haul, even for her. Anissa is living proof that miracles happen every day, all around us. She is true magic. But, in making this magic happen, she needs lots of help. She needs her family, she needs her friends, and she needs YOU.

You have three options…you can answer the 2008 question: WHAT MOVIE ARE YOU EMBARRASSED TO ADMIT THAT YOU LOVE?? (Center Stage was my answer. It still is)

***Also, I HAVE to jump in here and tell you that I love love love love 10 Things I Hate About You and Bring It On and watch them more often than a normal person should.


you can answer the 2009 question: WHO IS ON YOUR LIST? (my list is ever-changing…and I’ve got lots of them…the fictional five…the UGLYHOTTS, you know, like Sean Penn…)


you can answer the 2010 question: WHAT IS THE NICEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER DONE FOR YOU? (which, clearly, my answer is in the little scavenger hunt above)

(or you can curse our the husband because, really, he makes us all kind of look bad, doesn’t he?)

  1. The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me: People have done so much for me, I’ve truly lost count. The most surprising nice thing was a complete stranger helping Jordan choose a Mother’s Day card for me in Hallmark, then paying for it so I wouldn’t have to buy one for myself. That was forever ago, and I’ve never forgotten.

    Once you hit 10 comments, let me know and I’ll match your Anissa donation. Lord knows I coulda used the financial help with my own little stroke victim way back when.

    Comment by Erica M on January 14, 2010
  2. Wow! What an awesome husband! I don’t know if I can think of anything that nice… Actually I can’t think of anything besides that scavenger hunt! But nice things really do make the world better. Thank you for sharing!

    Comment by Meaghan on January 14, 2010
  3. I’m delurking…

    I’m most embarrassed to admit that I asked for and received a copy of “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” for Christmas last year. Yes, it was for me. No, I don’t have any kids, or other kids around the house. No, I don’t plan to have kids anytime soon.

    Comment by Stephanie M on January 14, 2010
  4. I am still AMAZED at what Gabe did for you! He’s awesome, as are you and you deserved all of it!

    I have a lot of nice friends and family, but one thing that comes to mind is the one time my friend sent me flowers to work a few days after I talked about how I never got flowers at work EVER in my life. It was so unexpected and so kind!

    Also, you picking my ass up at the ATL airport and carting me around is also very nice. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Kristabella on January 14, 2010
  5. A lurker that stopped in to say hi

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me, it the little things that the hubs does like leaves me a cup of warm tea on my nightstand so when I wake up it is there. Oh and when he takes care of the kitty litter box because I hate doing that.

    Comment by Christina on January 14, 2010
  6. In 2005, a sunday school class gave me a 1996 van and paid my insurance for 6 months because I didn’t have one. One of the class members was going to donate it for a tax break anyways. Long story. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

    Comment by Becky on January 14, 2010
  7. Movies: Hook, Center Stage as well, He’s Just Not That Into You. I’m sure there are loads more… Leap Year, however, I will be proud to say I LOATHED.

    Simon Cowell, the Clooney, eh, not sure who else. DEFINITELY not Penn. But that’s due to real life experiences…

    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on January 14, 2010
  8. Delurking to say A) your husband is awesome and B) does he have a twin?

    And to answer your question.. I can’t remember the last time somebody has done something nice for me, just because. And even better is the fact that that doesn’t really bother me… because I would rather be the one doing the nice things. Like taking my BFFs to the movie tomorrow because I know they need some cheering up.

    Speaking of movies: Dear John. And Channing Tatum, to answer your 2009 question.

    Happy De-Lurker Day!

    Comment by ClassyFabSarah on January 14, 2010
  9. Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously?

    I want my husband to do this! And if I told him about it, he probably would but it just isn’t the same as him coming up with it. But he has done wonderful things for me. …which I obviously don’t deserve since I can’t recall them off the top of my head :/ heh

    Comment by MBonn on January 14, 2010
  10. but I would rather comment on your blinged out cell phone!

    On my list? Conan O’Brien. I have a think for tall hilarious Irish dudes, what can I say?

    Comment by heather... on January 14, 2010
  11. I am most embarassed to admit I love the movie Bring It On (1-4). Eeep! (Why didn’t I answer 2 or 3?) I’m glad my comment is supporting a good clause.
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..Is It Too Early To Start Dreading V-Day? =-.

    Comment by Jenn on January 14, 2010
  12. Wait, what? Who did this for you? So awesomely nice.

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was on Sunday. I’m pregnant and was always one of those who thought I wouldn’t forget things or become absentminded when I became pregnant. On Sunday night I went to the Second Cup after I went to the gym. When I got home I couldn’t find my wallet. My husband drove me back to the Second Cup and the cashier, that angel of a cashier, went through the entire surveillance tape to see if I’d left my wallet on the counter. Also, a complete stranger at the Second Cup left a $20 reward at the counter in case anyone turned in my wallet. I was really upset because in addition to all of the other important stuff everyone has in their wallets, I had our 12-week ultrasound pictures.

    I found my wallet, BTW. On my bed.

    Comment by Jen on January 14, 2010
  13. What a NICE thing. Im totally stealing that as an idea. That totally rocks.

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me in the last year was when my eyes had herpes and a local blogger sent an incredible fruit basket to my house. It was someone I hardly knew but now have build a friendship with. It was very nice.

    Oh. And I truly suck at commenting. I read all your posts in my reader but with three kids in the morning I hardly make it out of my reader. Much love, Ali.

    Comment by OHmommy on January 14, 2010
  14. 2010 – My bestie kidnapped my kids so husband and I could have a weekend to ourselves. Totally unexpected but much loved.
    2009 – Uglyhott would be Vin Diesel, it’s the voice that’s all I have to say about that
    2008 – Save the Last Dance, I have no idea what the attraction is but I stop everything and watch it whenever it’s on TV

    Happy De-Lurking Day to you!
    .-= Lesley´s last blog ..Frilly Lilly sets it straight =-.

    Comment by Lesley on January 14, 2010
  15. My movie is “Bring it on!” πŸ™‚ I can’t believe your little scavenger hunt. Awesomeness! And a cookie too!
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..A good night and a light at the end of the tunnel =-.

    Comment by Kathy on January 14, 2010
  16. When we adopted our daughter we had no time to prepare. We left for the hospital with our “spare” room a mess. We came home that night at 1am, exhausted, and found my family had turned it into a nursery.

    Comment by Libby on January 14, 2010
  17. That is an awesome day. Your husband rocks.

    I comment. Sometimes. πŸ™‚ I always read though. So there. Anything for Anissa though.

    Let’s see…Bring It On. I lurve it. Cracks me up every dam time. Also? I adore Center Stage, Honey, and um…Fame. What? I can’t help it. It’s the dam dancing and singing without being a musical.

    *slinks away*

    Comment by Issa on January 14, 2010
  18. Hey Ali? Tomorrow will you tell me how many comments you got? I’ll match your gift to Anissa.

    I’d say I’ll come back, but I’ll forget and then remember in three weeks and feel dumb. But I will match your gift. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Issa on January 14, 2010
  19. I love the I and love and you! Classic

    Comment by Danielle on January 14, 2010
  20. Nicest thing anyone has ever done for me: This one time, on Skype, my wife… oh, wait my kids read this blog…
    .-= Giblet´s last blog ..Italian Egg Sandwich =-.

    Comment by Giblet on January 14, 2010
  21. The nicest thing done for me? Umm… Well myhusband did give me two amazing kids (blessed mainly with his sweet nature). But this must be one of the nicest things you’ve done for Anissa. You’re a good friend, Ali Martell.

    Comment by Tamara on January 14, 2010
  22. Awwww, Gabe is SO SWEET!!

    I think the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me? One day, when I was miserably sick at home with my neck all messed up, the bf left work early, drove all the way across town, and brought me a cookie and sat with me on the couch until I fell asleep, before going back to the office. When he returned that night, it was with a stack of movies to watch, and some prescription pain pills, which he drove all the way up to my parents’ house to get.

    Comment by Darcey on January 14, 2010
  23. Totally jealous right now.

    And I’m going with 2008: 10 Things I Hate About You

    Comment by Tutugirl on January 14, 2010
  24. Wow, and here I was all happy that my husband brought me the warmed up rice sock when he knew my back hurt. Dude’s got some catching up to do!
    The nicest thing lately was when my mom stayed with my kids yesterday. She did school pickup, dinner, making a cardboard car for Awana, homework etc… so I could take the baby to her 3 hr allergy appointment.

    Comment by vegas710 on January 14, 2010
  25. Consider me delurkified. Nicest thing ever done for me? People who were almost complete strangers to me donated thousands of dollars to me so I could switch to an insulin pump from injections (I’m diabetic). My insurance would pay for the supplies but not the pump and I couldn’t afford the pump. Parents of a casual friend of mine heard my story and offered to pay for it. They had never met me and it’s not like their daughter was my best friend. A nice person of course, but we were just getting to know each other. It was such an unexpected and amazingly life-changing gift. I love my pump and it has given me a tonne of flexibility in my diabetes management. Plus, I only have to have one poke every 3 days instead of 7 shots a day!!!

    Comment by Shannon on January 14, 2010
  26. That is AMAZING. I am going to have to tell my husband that story But I can’t complain – nicest thing would have to be… when I got home from New Mexico after being gone for eight days, Sheldon was waiting with a new heart necklace iwth diamonds, and had cleaned the hwole house and picked 12 dozen tiger lilies and put them in vases around the house, and then took my heart sticky note pads and wrote things that he loved about me and put them in a heart shape on my bathroom mirror. That was pretty fantastic.

    And I’m ashamed to admit that I like Harry Potter movies…
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..What actually matters can change in a blink of an eye. =-.

    Comment by Katie on January 14, 2010
  27. that is the coolest idea ever. I am stealing it too!

    Hmmm, the nicest thing someone’s ever done for me….

    I had just been through an awful car accident, had returned to work and received a reprimand for missed shifts from said accident, and was really down and out in life. Someone put a card in my work mailbox that had $50 in it (I was 18 years old, that is a FORTUNE at that age) and it said… Let the gift of love continue on with you one day. That act was really inspirational to me.

    Comment by Erica on January 14, 2010
  28. Ha! You just left a comment the other day saying that Matthew should give your hubby some tips. I think he’s doing JUST FINE. πŸ™‚

    Love you!
    .-= Angella´s last blog ..Competely Unbalanced =-.

    Comment by Angella on January 14, 2010
  29. Oh, wow. Your husband is lovely.

    For you and for the phenomenal Anissa, I’m going with 2008: Mr. Baseball


    Comment by Nenette on January 14, 2010
  30. Delurking.
    That is sooooooo nice!!!! I am jealous. Nicest thing, surprising me with 4th row seats to rent while the whole time I thought we had last row balcony seats. Great surprise.

    Comment by Tammi on January 14, 2010

    My husband married me. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Mary Jo on January 14, 2010
  32. My husband handed me a plane ticket and a credit card and sent me to visit and shop with a friend who had moved away.

    Hopefully it doesn’t sound like the best thing he has ever done for me is send me away from him for the day!

    Comment by Mama Bub on January 14, 2010
  33. Nerds, that’s an awesome day, you lucky bitch.

    Really, the best thing to happen to me in the past year is Anissa asking me to join her and the crazy-amazing writers of Aiming Low.

    Comment by Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] on January 14, 2010
  34. You are so awesome darling.

    Please give Nissa a big hug for me.

    And my favourite movie I hate admitting to liking?

    10 things I Hate About You with Heath Ledger.

    Quit laughing. At least I didn’t say Porkies.

    Comment by Tanis Miller, RNM on January 14, 2010
  35. Movie I’m embarrased to admit I love? How about a TV show? Cuz that would be iCarly, hands down. I sometimes force my 5yo boy to watch it and convince him he really likes it so I can catch an episode.
    p.s. Your husband freaking rocks! Does he give lessons?

    Comment by Jill on January 14, 2010
  36. I seriously am blown away by that scavenger hunt. BLOWN AWAY.

    Also, I’m totally posting my (first ever!) fictional (um, it’s like 15) tomorrow, so…get psyched! for that.

    Also: you are amazing.

    Also: I’m totally beating you at Scrabble, what what. <–Do you like how I'm bragging when by "beating you" I mostly mean "barely winning by 26 points"? Haaa!

    Comment by Kerri Anne on January 14, 2010
  37. The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me: My best friend from high school sends me periodic ‘just because’ emails telling me specifically why she loves me. And it makes me cry. In a happy good way.

    Comment by Miss Grace on January 14, 2010
  38. I love Center Stage too. But not Center Stage 2 – that was just BAD. And really – nothing tops that final *ballet* in the original Center Stage. I mean – how does her hair go from being curly and down to up and straight to up and curly all in like, a 7 minute ballet? And don’t get me started on the make-up. But I love the film so I just tell my suspension of disbelief to get on board and roll with it. I also love Grease 2. But I am not really ashamed to admit it. There. Now I’ve delurked.

    Comment by Rougeneck on January 14, 2010
  39. 2008 – Miss Congeniality

    Team Anissa!

    Comment by Mindy on January 14, 2010
  40. I’d like to answer last year’s question.

    My Fictional Five

    1. The Ninth Doctor–BBC’s Doctor Who played by the Uglyhot Christopher Eccleston

    2. The Tenth Doctor–played by David Tennent

    3. Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre

    4. Mr. Darcy (P&P)

    5. Horatio Hornblower from The CS Forrester Novels.

    and in honorable mention Hawkeye (Nathaniel Poe from the film version of Last of the Mohicans)

    Comment by SarahSee on January 14, 2010
  41. Wow! Your husband is awesome. I can only hope I marry someone so great that great one day.

    And going with the 2009 list…on my list? George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal, Morgan Freeman (I KNOW…he’s old…)…and many more πŸ™‚

    Comment by Julia on January 14, 2010
  42. Wow! What a great husband you have!

    It isn’t just one nice thing, but last year my husband was diagnosed with cancer and old friends came out of the woodwork, new friends made us dinner and sent us flowers and mowed our lawn. I’m crying now just thinking about all the love we got.

    Comment by Melissa on January 14, 2010
  43. Wow,you’re husband is amazing! And you are an amazing friend! Go Anissa!

    Comment by Punkinmama on January 14, 2010
  44. So awesome for doing this… I’ve never even seen your website before! Thanks for alotofnothing for her tweet about this.

    Anyway, I’m not a movie person, so I’m answering in regards to a tv show I’m totally embarrassed to like: Totally teen mom and Jersey Shore. Trashtastic.

    Comment by Eliza on January 14, 2010
  45. LOVE the dress. What an gift that scavenger hunt was. πŸ™‚

    Delurking feels good and I love that you are donating, too.

    Comment by Amy @ The Bitchin' Wives Club on January 14, 2010
  46. Wow – Redneck Mommy sent me this way – a couple of comments before I answer your questions:

    1. Your husband ROCKS (he is a keeper) and my husband is about to HATE him!

    2. Good on you for swapping your life around for your kids – the financial side of it ain’t great but the payoff is ENORMOUS. I had no idea before I had kids how important that change would be…

    Now, Question 1: What movie am I embarrassed to admit I love? Answer: Silence of the Lambs. (I am a pretty straight up chick most of the time, but I totally have a dark side and this movie NAILED it for me!)

    PS Nice to meet ya!
    .-= Bush Babe´s last blog ..Many roads – actions aplenty =-.

    Comment by Bush Babe on January 14, 2010
  47. Fictional Five:
    Craig Ferguson
    Anthony Bourdain
    Idris Elba
    Johnny Depp
    Jason Bateman

    Comment by Suebob on January 14, 2010
  48. Awesome idea! You rock!

    1. Jason Statham
    2. Bradley Cooper
    3. George Clooney
    4. Maxwell Caufield (but if he doesn’t look exactly like he did in Grease 2, then this doesn’t count)
    5. RPatz (but only if you won’t make fun of me. If you mock me, then I switch #5 to Brad Pitt, obvi.)
    .-= Cass´s last blog ..And now, my guilt trip to convince you to join Facebook =-.

    Comment by Cass on January 14, 2010
  49. Delurking…

    When I was 24, I was fired from my “dream job” because I was (falsely) accused of having an affair with my bosses husband. (Did I mention he was 59?) I was crushed.

    It was 6 months before the Gore/Bush election. I was volunteering and my grandma put $25K in my account so that I could continue to work through the end of the campaign and then find a job without worrying about money. It was hands down the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

    PS. Thanks for donating to Anissa! That lady is a rockstar~!

    Comment by Rachel on January 14, 2010
  50. Really? I have to delurk AND answer a question? This is too hard!

    Nicest thing? I don’t know about “ever” but today my boyfriend (okay, we got engaged in November but I really hate the word fiance) was due to fly from the west coast to the midwest to visit his family for a week before coming back here. When he found out my daughter’s first game was to be today (we didn’t know until Tuesday) he hopped an overnight flight back here (Boston) so he could make it to her game today. It not only made my day, but hers as well.

    Comment by DraftQueen on January 14, 2010
  51. I prefer doing things for others. So I would like to please ask anyone reading this to go to http://VoteForSMA.com and help the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation win $1 million to help find a cure for SMA and save some babies!

    Comment by Maile on January 14, 2010
  52. That is so incredibly cool, sounds like it was a blast.

    And I loved all those movies!

    Thank you for doing this for Anissa πŸ™‚

    Comment by Petra aka The Wise (Young) Momm on January 14, 2010
  53. Now that man knows how to have fun and be sweet.I’m taking notes.

    Comment by Deb Rox on January 14, 2010
  54. Dude your husband makes them ALL look bad.

    My fictional five is even more embarrassing than my favorite bad movie (Dirty Dancing) so I’ll save you. (Sean Connery! Glenn Beck!) (I know!)

    Comment by Amanda on January 14, 2010
  55. Redneck Mommy sent me this way, probably because she wants all us Canadian chicks to smother our husbands in their sleep. Or something like that.

    Also? Movie I *love* but don’t want to admit!? Beauty and the Beast. The Disney version. So there.

    Comment by CrystalC2B on January 14, 2010
  56. I know this probably sounds really cheesy, but the nicest thing that anyone has done for me award goes to my husband. He not only gave me my children, but he also is working SO hard to provide for us so I can be a stay at home mom. He’s amazing.

    And I think you’re amazing for donating to Anissa. That’s freaking awesome.

    Comment by Erin W. / Beatnik Momma on January 14, 2010
  57. What a lovely idea. I must admit that The Sound of Music will always be a love of mine and I can’t wait until my toddlers are just a little bit older so I can inflict it on them as well

    Comment by Melissa on January 14, 2010
  58. The nicest thing anyone has done for me is coordinate a benefit for my family when I broke my neck and was in the hospital for two weeks. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that so many people care about you. The benefit raised over $2000 for my family!! I have such awesome friends!

    Oh, and I ‘de-lurked’. (Which is really hard for me to do.) So, pay up! πŸ™‚


    Comment by Erin on January 14, 2010
  59. OMG, that is like a BAD MOVIE awesome day.

    The bad movie I’m embarrassed to admit I like is Beautiful with Minnie Driver. OMG. But I love it.

    Comment by Swistle on January 14, 2010
  60. Well, the nicest thing someone hasn’t done for me is a cool little scavenger hunt! πŸ™‚ I’m revising a bit. The nicest thing my parents ever did was adopt 4 children, 2 of which have special needs. And, I was blessed to have them as my siblings.

    Comment by Cynthia on January 14, 2010
  61. Delurking to say hi from Toronto!
    Also what an amazing husband!!
    And my list has to have Gerard Butler, Matthew Greene, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Michael Wincott

    Comment by Gabriella on January 14, 2010
  62. My husband should totally be in the same Husband Hall of Fame as yours. When we were stationed in England, he wrapped several boxes with clues inside and sent me on a scavenger hunt – at the end of which were tickets to see a play in London!

    But the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was clean my house. Seriously. When I married my awesome husband, he was in the Air Force, and we had to combine two households, do reams of paperwork, and get ready to move from Texas to Italy in four short months. By the time our wedding day rolled around, the house looked like it had literally imploded. But, when we got back from our short honeymoon, we opened the door to an immaculate house. I was stunned and ran around the house clapping my hands like a two-year-old. Turns out my cleaner elves were my Bestest Friend and her two kids.

    Comment by Brenda on January 14, 2010
  63. Hmmm…. do you think your husband could exert a little peer pressure on my husband to inspire him to do something awesome like that for me? πŸ™‚

    One of the nice things that someone did for me that I’ve never forgotten was when I was 7 with an absent dead-beat mom and a single parent Dad and one of our friends picked out a nice Father’s Day present for my Dad, then gave it to me to give to him. That made my day… and I still remember it (almost 30 years later – aack!)

    Comment by Blessed on January 14, 2010
  64. the most recent nice thing someone has done for me was:

    I foster dogs for a rescue(where i live in MA) from the south & I recently had a string of luck where I was able to find homes for several fosters through family & neighbors looking for a dog to adopt….the lady who runs the rescue & many other volunteers in the south sent me a card stating how much they appreciated me. It was a small gesture that ment so much. Praying for Anissa.

    Comment by Corinne Cooper on January 14, 2010
  65. Mama Spohr sent me…I don’t lurk but I might start! πŸ™‚

    My movies are Bring It On and Save the Last Dance…eep!!

    Comment by Rebekah on January 14, 2010
  66. I’m new to your blog! Just helping Anissa out πŸ™‚ thanks!

    Comment by Sam on January 14, 2010
  67. Delurking all the way from my Google Reader. I am totally embarrassed to admit that I really enjoy “Miss Congeniality.” Not so embarrassed to admit that I love your blog.

    Comment by Cyndi on January 14, 2010
  68. I’m going to cheat and tweak your 2010 question, because I’m so proud of my husband right now. It’s not the nicest thing he’s ever done to me, but today he signed up (he’s a doctor) to go to Haiti to help out in the hospital there. He may not get to go, but I think that it was probably one of the nicest most genuine gestures I’ve ever seen. Especially since he lived in Northridge in the 1994 earthquake and his house was flattened.

    I also am embarrassed to admit that I love Cheaper by the Dozen. I just do. Don’t judge me.

    Comment by Overflowing Brain on January 14, 2010
  69. The Prince and Me. Or Center Stage. Or 10 Things I hate about you.

    Comment by Alison on January 14, 2010
  70. Sounds like you have a great husband, I’m jealous!

    I am ashamed to admit that I like the Twilight movies. I read all the books and went to see the first twilight movie in the theater by myself because nobody would go with me, so here I am in the row surrounded by teenagers texting on their cell phones probably about who is this old chick sitting next to us?!@? I didn’t even think the acting was that good but for some reason I still watch it from time to time. Jeez I’m a loser! πŸ™‚

    Comment by Lesley on January 14, 2010
  71. 2008: Dirty Dancing and Bring It On – like every.single.time. they come on tv.

    Your husband rocks for that. And you rock for supporting Anissa – she’s amazing!

    PS – Found you from The Sphors Are Multiplying and Shauna Glenn!

    Comment by Ally on January 14, 2010
  72. Go Anissa!

    Comment by Sarah on January 14, 2010
  73. I’m sad to admit that I love The Wedding Planner. I don’t know why considering my favorite movie ever is Goodfellas.

    I can’t get past my number one to figure out four more but my one would be Jakob Dylan. I’ve met him twice and he’s even more dreamy in person.

    While I’ve been the recipient of many nice gestures, my favorite is one my husband gave me. He knows who my number one is and when I met him after a show and got a picture with him, my husband pretended to accidentally leave the lens cap on the camera so I would have a few extra moments with Jakob Dylan resting his arm around my shoulder.

    Comment by T on January 14, 2010
  74. Holy crap, what a day!!

    Hudson Hawk is my movie πŸ™‚

    Comment by pgoodness on January 14, 2010
  75. 2009 question. And yes, my answer is (wait for it… wait for it…) Viggo Mortonsen and any extra appendages he may possess.

    (go Anissa!)

    Comment by katie | motherbumper on January 14, 2010
  76. What your husband did is all kinds of awesome. I will have to borrow that.

    Comment by SciFi Dad on January 14, 2010
  77. Happy Delurking Day!

    Comment by Chris on January 14, 2010
  78. Your husband rocks!

    One of the nicest things anyone has done for me was last month for my birthday. My husband planned an entire day for just the two of us. It was wonderful. We love being with the kids, but we don’t get to do things without them very often.

    Comment by mommabird2345 on January 14, 2010
  79. One of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me was when 2 of my virtual friends (one on the other side of the world from me) sent me text messages when I was in hospital for a procedure, it was only day surgery but they had figured out that I have a dread of hospitals and a long wait (had to be there at 6am and didn’t go down for my op until 12pm). Between them they kept me amused and distracted – even though one of them was losing sleep to do it. Your husband is very sweet – did it take long to train him?

    Comment by Firehorse on January 14, 2010
  80. Okay, your husband is totally awesome. And now I totally want a ginormous chocolate chip cookie.

    The movie I am embarrassed to admit that I love is Save the Last Dance.

    Comment by stephanie on January 14, 2010
  81. This is so cool. Can’t say I ‘ve been here before, but I’ll be back. I am bless with a husband like yours. Who surprises me with all kids of toys (i.e. and iPhone), but he also remembers Starbucks gift cards and doesn’t blink and eye when I need to disappear for a while.

    I have also been the recipient of many kinds gifts from friends and strangers. I try and pay it forward πŸ™‚

    Comment by Lee Laughlin on January 14, 2010
  82. I want to go on a scavenger hunt like that. My husband would leave out the cookie though I’m sure.

    Comment by Lorna on January 14, 2010

    My Mom got my my camera and computer.

    I am also Praying for Anissa. She is truly amazing.

    Comment by Kandi Ann on January 14, 2010
  84. I am amazed at the super nice day provided to you by your husband! (and also a little jealous as my husband gave me pans for Christmas)

    My aunt sent me an “I’m happy you’re alive” check last year and told me I was only allowed to spend it on myself. Then, she repeated it this year!

    Comment by Corey on January 14, 2010
  85. I would like your husband to have a little chat with my husband!

    My favorite embarrassing movie (besides the ones that you mentioned because I love them ALL) is You’ve Got Mail.

    Comment by Jen on January 14, 2010
  86. oh man! Now THATS a scavenger hunt!
    MamaSpohr sent me too.

    Still pulling for Anissa!

    Comment by Zandi on January 14, 2010
  87. Ditto on Center Stage. “You didn’t have the feet. I don’t have the heart!”

    My list:
    1.) Jim Sturgess
    2.) George Clooney
    3.) Jason Mraz (it’s something about the way he moves his hips!)
    4.) McSteamy
    5.) James Marsden

    Comment by Laurie on January 14, 2010
  88. can i marry your dude?

    Comment by gorillabuns on January 14, 2010
  89. I second Rebekah: Mama Spohr sent meÒ€¦I donÒ€ℒt lurk but I might start!

    So many people do so many nice things for me, but one that springs to mind: My best friend once gave me a jar of only red Skittles – the best, obviously πŸ˜‰ – when we were in high school. A real keeper, to be sure.

    Comment by Anna on January 14, 2010
  90. WHAT MOVIE ARE YOU EMBARRASSED TO ADMIT THAT YOU LOVE?? Center Stage is mine too! BTW the sequel SUCKS! I had to watch the original just to banish the crappiness from my brain. Crossroads is another.

    Will Schuester
    Jim Halpert
    Chuck Bartowski


    Comment by Amanda on January 14, 2010
  91. Wait, I didn’t realize I had to answer questions. That’s like WORK.

    My list:

    1) George Clooney
    2) John Krasinski
    3) Colin Firth
    4) Jake Gyllenhaal (yay for being single again)
    5) Tie between Clive Owen and Johnny Depp. I’m leaning towards Clive.

    Love you, lady.

    Comment by AMomTwoBoys on January 14, 2010
  92. For Anissa! Nicest thing? Can’t narrow it down b/c lots come to mind! Surprise baby showers, my hubbs literally wiping my butt after I had my first c/s, his getting a V after three surprise kiddos…

    Comment by Amber on January 14, 2010
  93. 2009 question..I’m going with Rhett Butler, Crash Davis & Tristan Ludlow..

    Comment by Kathy butler on January 14, 2010
  94. 2008 question: Last Dance (a lot like Center Stage — which, by the way, I never knew had a sequel). My husband tries to click by it before I notice it’s on the TV).

    Comment by Michele on January 14, 2010
  95. 2008 Question: there are a lot but I am going to go with Runaway Bride.

    Comment by Ashley on January 14, 2010
  96. I watch “That Thing You Do” every single time it’s on.

    Comment by Heidi on January 14, 2010
  97. It’s not technically a de-lurk, but it’s been awhile! 2008 Question: I’m sure there are more, but I’m going with The Net. Old school Sandra Bullock…

    Comment by jos on January 14, 2010
  98. For Anissa. Many nice things — 30th surprise party a decade ago ranks right up there! Your husband is pretty awesome!

    Comment by Tory on January 14, 2010
  99. De-lurking for a cause!

    One of the nicest things I’ve had done for me was a wedding gift. My friend made me a scrapbook with pictures of me with all our friends, and then had those friends write how they knew me and what they love about me. It was so touching to have her think to do that – and to read what my friends had to say. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Ali on January 14, 2010
  100. So does your Hubby gives classes in AWESOMENESS Husbandtry 101-if so I have a pupil that I am looking at right now! Ha! Although the wording on the cookies puzzles me to the point of almost thinking that Cakewrecks might like it! Grammatically crazy or kind of sweet-I guess after it all -kind of sweet! Lucky Miss!
    .-= NaomiJesson´s last blog ..The Christmas Hangover =-.

    Naomi! It’s the title to one of my most favorite songs “I and Love and You” by The Avett Brothers! It’s also my ringtone! ~ Ali

    Comment by NaomiJesson on January 14, 2010
  101. Your husband FTW!

    How can you not love Bring It On? It is Awesome, Awesome, Whoop Totally! (that’s part of a cheer I did when I was a 7 year old cheerleader.)

    Comment by regan on January 14, 2010
  102. Movie: The Sound of Music!

    Comment by Dudge OH on January 14, 2010
  103. WOW. Your husband makes me want to trade in the man-I-formerly-believed-to-be-thoughtful that I married and get a new one. Honestly, that would be a damn near perfect day for me!

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me? I once had a friend who I worked with and she had some earrings that I COVETED and they were my birthstone. When I moved, she wrapped them and gave them to me. I think of her every time I wear them.

    Comment by Peaches on January 15, 2010
  104. Most recent nicest things – bring food, lots of food, when our third baby was born AND sewing christmas stockings for the whole family on arrival of baby #3, that ranks up there!

    Your husband IS awesome.

    Comment by tricia chestnut on January 15, 2010
  105. Love the scavenger hunt, how cool! I’m having trouble thinking of something specific in this year’s category, so I’m going to go with this:

    nicest thing someone has done for me => my daughter told someone I was her best friend yesterday, she melts my heart! πŸ™‚

    Comment by Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom on January 15, 2010
  106. Gav is my new favorite person. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

    Comment by Heather B. on January 15, 2010
  107. Movie-Gia
    .-= Rain´s last blog ..Way Out There =-.

    Comment by Rain on January 15, 2010
  108. The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was my sister when she gave me her daughter to raise when she realized she would not be able to do it her self. She has gone on to a better place…but knowing that she trusted me with her daughter is something I will treasure always… And what a blessing her daughter is to our family.
    This is a wonderful thing you are doing for your friend. She is lucky to have someone like you in her life.
    Oh, and I’m embarrassed to say I like the “Mad Max” movies with Mel Gibson. Shhh don’t tell anyone. πŸ˜‰

    Comment by gina on January 15, 2010
  109. Wow, where can I find a husband, or boyfriend, that will send me on super AWESOME scavenger hunts? Can you buy one of those at Target?

    My super secret movie obsession is Serendipity. It’s all lovey dovey and since I lack the lovey doveyness in my life I choose to torture myself with the movie every chance I get!

    Justin Timberlake is the only constant on my LIST. I LOVE him!

    Comment by AmazingGreis on January 15, 2010
  110. WOW. Your husband sets the bar high for other husbands! What an awesome day!

    Embarrassing favorite movie? Would be Labyrinth.

    Comment by Kelly on January 15, 2010
  111. That dress is out of control cute and what a great husband!

    Comment by 180|#60 on January 15, 2010
  112. I am Delurking!!! The nicest thing somebody did for me? My neighbor saved my 6 week old daughter who was not breathing by preforming CPR. I am so thankful each and every moment. Love what the hubby did for you.

    Comment by Monica on January 15, 2010
  113. Gah! He’s ruining it for men everywhere! Not cool πŸ™

    Seriously though, I’m stunned. Why don’t I think of cool elaborate plans like that…

    Comment by EvilEmuofDoom on January 15, 2010
  114. 2010 question. I got flowers delivered to me at work. I have no idea who they were from. It made me SO happy (and a lil bit sketched out, not gonna lie) – but the randomness rocked.

    Your scavenger hunt? Awesome!

    Comment by MommaKiss on January 15, 2010
  115. Your husband is amazing. I need to find a guy like that.

    I’ll answer your 2010 question. My boyfriend and I broke up after 6 years 5 days before my 30th birthday. My two best friends live 3 hours away and one was 8 months pregnant so she wasn’t going to be able to come help me celebrate and forget the jerk. The day of my birthday my girls show up at my door step take me to a winery (we bought a bottle for when Kerry would be able to drink, plus built in DD). We had a picnic then went and got mani/pedis. I could not ask for better friends. It was the nicest thing anyone has done for me.

    Comment by Kate on January 15, 2010
  116. 2008 – Sixteen Candles. Ah the teenage nostalgia. Oh, and Rock Star with Jennifer Aniston and Mark Wahlberg. Brings out the rock star goddess in me.

    2009 – Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig top my list after seeing them on Broadway. My life is now complete.

    2010 – about a month after my son was born I was having one of the worst days ever (the only day I didn’t have a shower, ha). A friend showed up with a baby swing, set it up for me and let me sleep while she looked after my boy. I swear she saved my life that day.

    Your husband rocks.

    Comment by Laura on January 15, 2010
  117. Wow, Your husband is The Shit!
    I’m uber jealous. My husband has yet to get me a card or present for my 25th birthday which happened to be on the 4th of January. And we decided not to get each other Christmas presents to save a little cash BUT oh get this BUT he did buy “the family” a PS3. Merry Fucking Christmas right!

    Yeah I’m not bitter.

    i’m totally a sucker for “A Knights Tale”

    Comment by LovingDanger on January 15, 2010
  118. Wow, you have an amazing husband, that’s wonderful

    As for movies I can’t turn off, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

    Comment by diane on January 15, 2010
  119. My list is currently comprised of the one and only Mark Ruffalo, who I was SO LUCKY to meet a couple of years ago. I heart him so. He has topped my list for years!

    Comment by amanda on January 15, 2010
  120. Oh my goodness, that post just made me grin ear to ear, your hubby ROCKS! I am totally mentioning this story as a sneaky aside to my man later hahah. Nicest thing anyone has ever done for me: Pretty much any gift I have ever received from someone that knows me well. A fav DVD. A perfect card seemingly made just for me. A homemade throw. The thoughts behind those are all right up there in my book!

    Comment by Katherine on January 15, 2010
  121. For my 40th birthday, my wife through a massive surprise house party for me and hired one of my favorite musicians, Marshall Crenshaw, to play. Marshall ended up leaving his pants in my basement. It was that good of a party.

    Comment by home and uncool on January 15, 2010
  122. Delurking to thank you for sharing this scavenger hunt and your writings every day.
    Nicest thing is my grown sons gifting me during the holidays with their presence.

    Comment by Linda on January 15, 2010
  123. im embarassed to say i love the movie “john tucker must die”…

    Comment by ash on January 15, 2010
  124. Best husband ever.

    Also, I love “Die Hard”. Are you happy now?

    Comment by Goon Squad Sarah on January 15, 2010
  125. Best husband ever – what a brilliant way to say he loves you!!!
    I love the movie Grease & I probably know all the songs & all the dialogue by heart. Grease is the word!

    Comment by Maria on January 15, 2010
  126. Wow you have the best husband that is amazing.

    I’ll go with movie & its ‘Cutting Edge’ – toe pick! Love that freakin’ thing.

    Comment by Kelly on January 15, 2010
  127. That is by far the sweetest thing that I can imagine anyone doing – and when Kristin told me what the husband did for you my only response was “THERE ARE MEN ON EARTH THAT DO THINGS LIKE THAT??”

    And I’ve seen the Lohan version of the Parent Trap more times than I’d like to admit.

    Comment by Dots on January 15, 2010
  128. that might be the nicest thing a husband (especially one who works out of town) could do for his wife. love it. I might make my husband read this.

    Comment by rayli on January 15, 2010
  129. Wow– what a sweet hubby!! Hope he gets lucky tonight!!

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me: I had an ex-boyfriend who really and truly forgave me when he really didn’t have to (not sure I would have if the situation had been reversed)– I learned a LOT from that! My mom went easy on me a couple of times when she didn’t have to, either (thanks, mom!).

    I admit to being a somewhat frequent lurker who got to know you (sort of) a LONG time ago on the March 2001 board on babycenter. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us!!

    Comment by Maggie on January 15, 2010
  130. Paul Gross has always been one of my secret crushes. Ahhhh especially in Due South and Men With Brooms.

    Comment by Meagan S on January 15, 2010
  131. I am a complete stranger to you but at the delurker comment, I thought… THATS ME!! I need to “delurk”!!! I got your site through Anissa’s (who is also a stanger). I watch “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days” weekly.

    Comment by Amy on January 15, 2010
  132. The movie I am most embarrassed to admit that I love is Up Close and Personal. I’m also a little bit embarrassed to admit that it makes me cry. Every time. And that I’ve seen it about a gazillion times.

    Comment by mamatulip on January 15, 2010
  133. Your husband did that? My husband would think to do something like that about the time he’d think to book that summer trip to Jupiter.

    Movie I love but I’m sorta ashamed (there are so many)- Shakespeare in Love.

    Hot List includes: Dennis Quaid. I’m sorry I just feel in my gut that I could never resist him. It’s a good thing he only exists on film (for me). I mean did you see The Big Easy? After that movie I was toast – he was so hot.
    .-= amy2boys´s last blog ..The Cowboy Cake =-.

    Comment by amy2boys on January 15, 2010
  134. Totally never comment, but anything to help the Amazing Anissa.
    Top 5 (in no particular order):
    1. David Boreanaz (Bones era, not Angel)
    2. Matthew McConaughey (A Time to Kill era, not naked bongo drumming)
    3. Gary Allan (nothing sexier than a scruffy faced man who can sing to ya).
    4. Josh Duhamel (Vegas era. WTF is up with my “era” theme?)
    5. Can’t narrow it down. There are too many more to choose from

    2010: Nicest thing lately. My husband didn’t get my a Christmas present. Instead, he is using the money he earned doing an extra job this last month to take me to Vegas this weekend sans kid!!! Woot

    Comment by Amanda on January 15, 2010
  135. Wow, what an awesome husband! And sorry, I read your blog all the time but my first time commenting. Prayers for your friend, Anissa!

    Comment by Alicia on January 15, 2010
  136. I’m re-delurking for Anissa. πŸ˜‰

    Hubby did GOOD!
    .-= Tug´s last blog ..A bit of bright =-.

    Comment by Tug on January 15, 2010
  137. I shall delurk for an admirable cause. Do not know Anissa but think of her often. Could happen to any of us.
    Last year my friend sent me $200 for my birthday so I could go get a new outfit for a mini highschool reunion (there was a guy there I had a crush on). This single Mom on tight budget loves her friend!
    And your hub rocks.

    Comment by Lindswy on January 15, 2010
  138. Your scavenger hunt…and hubby ROCK! That is so cool.
    And yes, holy 180…

    Comment by Amanda on January 15, 2010
  139. I think Bill asking me to marry him was the nicest thing ever. And, the ring is pretty, too.

    Comment by Rhi on January 15, 2010
  140. Your husband is such a GREAT FIND!!! My gawd, if my hubby did that for my birthday I would … I don’t know what I would do!

    I love the movie “You’ve Got Mail”, I always cry at the end.

    Comment by amy on January 16, 2010
  141. You husband is made of awesome.

    Comment by anne nahm on January 16, 2010
  142. that was an awesome thing your husband did for you!! too cool

    my favorite movies – 10 things, bring it on, drowning mona, serial mom, election…oh my list goes on πŸ™‚

    Comment by tillie on January 16, 2010
  143. Mr. A does plenty of nice things, but most recently he drew a human toilet on demand.

    Comment by slynnro on January 16, 2010
  144. I am here, and I am embarrassed to admit that I love “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”… πŸ˜›

    Comment by Lara on January 16, 2010
  145. ALI ALI ALI!!!!
    I’m delurking, I’ve been doing it for a while here and there but haven’t shown any love for a long time. :*( So sorry! Life got crazy…. like having a baby and photography business going great!
    You’re hilarious as ever and I have missed you. So I just bookmarked your sweet cookie a$$ to mac.
    XOXO Melinda Ann

    Comment by Melinda Smith on January 17, 2010
  146. OMG, I have to forward this to MY HUSBAND, OMG! And then, he’ll have to delurk, and then more money for Anissa. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Haley-O (Cheaty) on January 18, 2010
  147. Um…does Gabe want another wife? Cuz I’m available (don’t tell my husband).


    Comment by Shauna on January 18, 2010
  148. De-lurking here… I’ve been following Anissa’s story and am blown away at the friendship you all have formed.

    I’ll go with the embarrassing movie question… My answer is Girls Just Want to Have Fun (w/ SJP & Helen Hunt).

    PS – I’m printing out this post & putting it on the fridge for the boyfriend to see! πŸ™‚

    Comment by AZ Colleen on January 18, 2010
  149. Also de-lurking(on this site). The best thing that anyone has ever done for me is.. My best friend taking me on an all expense paid trip to Europe for our 40th birthdays. What a trip and what memories we will have for the rest of our lives.

    You have quite a special husband.

    Comment by Sharon on January 18, 2010
  150. Haven’t delurked here in a while. How about I merge two questions: The most embarrassing person who has ever been on my list is John Malkovich. This was before his current level of creepiness, of course.

    Comment by Mac & Cheese on January 18, 2010
  151. Wow. Your husband’s raising the bar!

    But, just because I want to feel better about myself, he put too many “ands” on that cookie.

    So there.

    Comment by Matthew on January 18, 2010
  152. Hi, a lurker saying hi.

    Comment by Julia on January 18, 2010
  153. IÒ€ℒm re-delurking for Anissa. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Lori on January 18, 2010
  154. I am embarrassed by my love of pretty much any dancing movie: Step Up, Step Up 2 The Streets, Center Stage, Center Stage 2, and ESPECIALLY Save the Last Dance. I will watch that one any time I come across it on tv.

    Comment by Anna on January 18, 2010
  155. That’s such a cool thing to do! I loooove the movie 27 Dresses- I’ve seen it probably 20 times. Delurking for Anissa and praying for her!

    Comment by Bethany on January 18, 2010
  156. I loved Girls Just Want to Have Fun. SJP looks hilarious in this movie. And yes, your hubby is definitely a keeper!!

    Comment by Lan on January 18, 2010
  157. There have been so many nice things; but one of the best was for my 30th b-day. My mom had passed away suddenly 3 months before, my MIL was diagnosed with breast cancer and um, hello, 30? A few weeks after my rather non eventful b-day (where my BF made me a cake and dropped it off); my high school bfs got together to surprise me & take me to dinner, along wtih my cuz who flew from FL to WV to be with me. It was thoughtful & awesome & they, well, they have been my strength since that stupid day in July.
    I’m with you, I LOVE 10 Things I Hate about You & Bring it on. These are not spirit fingers, These are spirit fingers.

    Comment by Spring B on January 19, 2010
  158. I’m so jealous – not only of the beautiful day you had, but that Anthropologie dress is HAWT!

    Comment by Amy @ DearMazzy on January 19, 2010
  159. Can your husband call my husband and tell him where to get a clue??? Damn him, WELL DONE!! I’m still reeling from my Christmas gifts and that was almost a month ago. Men. Sometimes, so stupid.

    Comment by Karen Chatters on January 19, 2010
  160. The sweetest thing ever? The man carrying me around for NINE WEEKS when my foot was broken is a car crash. Favorite? Joe Montana. (I know. Weird.) Favorite can’t stop watching movie? Road House. And I can’t believe I admitted that.
    Sweetest thing I’ve seen lately? (Bonus question!) The outpouring of love for Anissa. Ya’ll bloggers got some kinda heart.
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Chrome, Chrome on the Range =-.

    Comment by Dawn on January 19, 2010
  161. I found you by readin Full of Snark! You two are both wonderful writers and sometimes reading your blog gets me through a long day. I am a single mom and I had my son via emergecny c-section at 27 weeks. Needless to say his nursery was not ready and I had NOTHING prepared for his arrival as my shower had not happenned yet. A good friend of mine patined my entire house and moved ann my firniture and cleaned my place and cooked for me…etc.etc.etc. That was prob the nicest thing someone did for me that I could not have even wished for!
    BTW- Can I say YOWZAH! what a hubby you have!

    Comment by Alicia on January 20, 2010
  162. Can your husband come down to FL and give an “inspriational” (read: educational) lecture to area husbands? 2008- Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (1 AND 2); 2009 – Penn is alright but I’d have to have sister wives so it wasn’t a full-time gig; 2010 – my dear friend coming to comfort me when my Grandfather died…she lived in another state and we hadn’t spoken in a few weeks…I still don’t know how she found out when the funeral was.

    Comment by Rachel on January 20, 2010
  163. I am still making my rounds for delurking day. I used to read and comment so much more, but then I finally gave in and started using Google Reader, and now with my crappy computer its really slow and difficult to comment.
    Anyway, the nicest thing….
    So many people have done so many nice wonderful above and beyond things for me. So how about today. Today’s nicest thing was my friend/neighbor dropped by to borrow 2 dog leashes and brought me a bag of butterscotch oatmeal cookies and a big batch of homemade chicken soup. (I’m sick)
    Pretty much made my DAY.

    I think you’re really awesome Ali, and even tho I read mostly from afar, I almost never “mark as read” any of your posts *kiss-kiss*

    Comment by monstergirlee on January 20, 2010
  164. This is actually my very first time right here, truly good looking weblog. I discovered a lot of fascinating stuff within your blog particularly it’s discussion. From all the comments on your content articles, it appears like this is really a extremely well-liked web site. Maintain up the good work.

    Comment by tai chi chuan dvd on May 24, 2010

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