October 8 07

Well people, I am guest posting for Ali today. What to say, what to say…I watched The Chicago Marathon yesterday, what a brutal day to be running a marathon! Beyond that, it got me to thinkin’ about the person I was before I had the babies. “No running, no sit ups.” I will never forget the day the fertility doctor uttered those words to me. With that, the door to one journey closed and another journey lay before me…I have shared tidbits of myself along this blogging path; my obscure fashion background, my long trading career, now it is time for another piece of the puzzle that makes up the Nap Warden. I am, or was a marathon runner. Saying goodbye to running was like leaving a therapist who had seen me through the good and bad times. When I was a trader on the floor, Sep 11 we were sent home, I ran to clear my head. When my fiancé took back the proposal, I ran to find my balance. When Husband and I were having trouble having a baby, until that moment, I ran to keep myself sane. Now, if you have been paying attention to me at all, you know the fertility doctor was a raging success, and I have two beautiful babies who fill my days and nights with laughter and sleep deprivation. I consider myself very lucky. Yesterday, I watched the 30th running of The Chicago Marathon. I routinely watch The New York Marathon (I might run it one day), The Chicago Marathon (I have run many of them), and The Boston Marathon (my dream is to qualify for it). I had been chasing that dream for a good part of a decade, until the fertility doctor hit the brakes on it. The woman who ran marathons is a very different person than the one typing the keyboard today. The keyboardist needs to shed a good 10 lbs, if she hopes to qualify for Boston. The keyboardist needs to find the miracle that is a good night’s sleep, if she hopes to qualify for Boston. The keyboardist needs to actually set aside time for her to run (or invest in a kick **s running stroller), if she hopes to qualify for Boston. So there it is, watching The Chicago Marathon has inspired me to put on my running shoes and try again. I can’t help but wonder, how many of us have let go of dreams along the way? Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who are living their dream? Without getting to personal, bring it on…what is your dream, are you going for it, should I go for it (the marathon is a long hard road)? If you don’t want to tell me… just give me a shout out so I know you got here! Thanks Ali for letting me guest blog! I’ll see you all back at The Chronicles of a SAHM tomorrow…

BTW, WordPress is smarter than me, I couldn’t figure out how to upload an image to save my life! Bummer, you know how I loves me images, and I had some good ones (yes, I Photoshopped them)!

  1. NW! You will qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’ve told you before that training with a 40 pound stroller is like swinging with three bats before you’re up to the plate! If you’re lucky enough to find something that inspires you better go for it sista-friend.

    My dream is to speak French fluently and live in Paris. You’ll bring the babes to visit me, non?

    Comment by Joanna on October 8, 2007
  2. Aren’t you glad you did not run in Chicago this year?

    Comment by Up to my ears in mini horses on October 8, 2007
  3. NW-
    You’ll get there. Keep on truckin’. (And by the way- excellent job on your guest post.)


    Comment by Heidi on October 8, 2007
  4. Sooo glad I wasn’t running Chicago this year, looked brutal!

    Comment by Cynthia on October 8, 2007
  5. Hi NW!

    Great job guess blogging! I loved reading your post!

    All the local news here was focused on the Chicago Marathon…..SO many people got terribly
    ill, and hundreds were taken to the hospital.

    I just don’t understand that. It seems to me that common sense would dictate reasonable behavior!! How can people run a marathon in blistering heat and not expect to get sick?

    As for your dream, go for it!! It sounds like there is NO reason you can’t achieve it!! I would put my money on you, anyday!

    My dreams………well, in the old days it was to become a professional dancer! (That’s why I love Dancing with the Stars so much!!)

    Never did quite make that one…….but my dream of having wonderful children DID come true, and that is my proudest achievement of all!!

    Have a great day!!


    Comment by Bradley's Mom on October 8, 2007
  6. NW:

    That was GUEST blogging, not guess!!!



    Comment by Bradley's Mom on October 8, 2007
  7. Hey, NapWarden….great job guest posting. As hot as it was yesterday, I am glad you didn’t run…I feel bad for all of those that were down due to the heat…I have never been able to run at all…I start out ok….but usually end up walking..the most I ever walk is 3 miles…so, a runner I will never be…but like Linda…to be able to look/dance like they do on Dancing with the stars, now that is a dream for me…lol…right Linda?
    Hey, I will be posting my Dancing With the Stars synopsis in the morning…check it out.
    Rock on, Nap Warden…\

    Comment by Dixiechick on October 8, 2007
  8. It just doesn’t feel like my pal Nap Warden without the pictures. 🙂 Start training for the marathon, I’m sure you can do it!

    Comment by WorksForMom on October 8, 2007
  9. Linda, Heidi, Dixie, Joanne…Thanks so much for the kind words! You guys are the best!

    Comment by Cynthia on October 8, 2007
  10. WorksforMom…I know, I tried, believe me I tried to post pics!

    Comment by Cynthia on October 8, 2007
  11. wordpress couldn’t be easier…
    i use the copy and paste method personally…ha!!!

    (also, if you want, i can add them in for ya…)

    Comment by ali on October 8, 2007
  12. wow…I can so completely relate to your post! I too had to stop running to have my babies. I too used to run marathons. And now I, too, have to lose some weight to get back into it.
    My dream has also been to run Boston! I used to get up at 4am to run for 10 miles. Now I’m up at 4am to feed my son. (and sometimes I think running was a lot easier!!!)
    Great post—thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Comment by workoutmommy on October 8, 2007
  13. Holy crow…. after watching clips of what happened in Chicago, I am so glad I am NOT a runner. I can run after the kid, run an errand or run a tab, but I could never, ever run a marathon.

    Comment by Maureen on October 8, 2007
  14. My vote … go for the marathon. Do it for a time, do it for the experience, just do it – do it for you. There is nothing more satisfying than setting a goal and meeting it – well, unless it is a running goal – they are really sweet.
    Good luck!

    Comment by Amy on October 8, 2007
  15. You’re a brave woman – running!!! It’s just not for me. Our town & local Y had a half-marathon yesterday and it was around 90 degrees. Sucky weather to be running!!

    Comment by FENICLE on October 8, 2007
  16. Run. That is a great goal. My sister does marathons on a regular basis. One step at a time and you can cover the 26.2 miles.

    Comment by Walt on October 8, 2007
  17. go for your dream – you can train with one of those sporty prams….:)

    Comment by Rebecca James on October 9, 2007
  18. Aw, that must be so hard on you, NW! You will get back to it, have no fear.
    It doesn’t sound like you have to give up on your dream forever, though while you are in the midst of it, it seems like a LOOOONG time.
    Good luck!

    Comment by VDog on October 11, 2007
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