March 26 07

yesterday, the girls and i went on our very first ever blind playdate. We went to Reptilia (yes, AGAIN. Isabella loves her some ‘nakes!) with the Multi-tasking Mommy and the SciFi Dad and their adorable little bunny.

I’ll admit it, i was nervous. It’s easy to hide behind a computer….and pretend that i’m all cool and funny and fabulous. It’s another thing to go out in public and meet up with people without the husband who was being all full of charity yesterday (he took Josh to do the Passover Food Drive), and let them see your true colors. let them see that you really are just a big dork.

But, i’ll tell you…even though i spent most of the time chasing after Isabella (note to self: next time she gets strapped into her stroller, whether she likes it or not), and trying to convince Emily that she was actually having a good time (and she WAS. she loved the feeding tour, even it WAS only lettuce and a couple of crickets – no dead rabbits this time and impressed the tour guide with all her questions), it was really, really nice.

sadly, we had to check out early, before i could spend all my money at Children’s Place ($2.99! everything was $2.99! i could have spent all day there!), Isabella was dying for a nap…and nap she did…for 3 hours. i had to wake her at 4!

Seriously, y’all, ever since the Real Moms post, my new catchphrase (to replace “i am jack’s _____”) is now Real Moms _______ (but i guess it’s the multitasking mommy’s too!) All day yesterday, every sentence began with real moms.

Real moms pass up great sales to let their kids nap.

Real moms play Star Wars even when their sons want to play with Padme and Han Solo. and they know that this just isn’t right.

Real moms inspect their children’s asses (no joke. Josh was complaining that his bum was hurting. so, in goes mommy to spread the cheeks and check it out. there’s no way on god’s green earth that daddy was going to do that….).

Real moms are not afraid to admit that their 6-year-olds have more rhythm than they could ever hope to have.

Real moms eat their children’s crusts.


  1. You’re a better mom than me. Everything was $2.99? I’d definitely put up with a screamer to get me some of those deals!

    Comment by LoriD on March 26, 2007
  2. Everything was $2.99??? Which Children’s place? (or all?)

    We took the kids to Reptilia once – the older one loved it. (baby slept)

    Good for you to include the kids in charitable work. We do the Passover food drive every year. Last year we took The Happy Boy, and were basically told to take him out, he was too young. We didn’t take him this year at all, because the same woman was there, and she was MEAN!

    Maybe next year. We like to do some volunteering, and always include the kids.

    Comment by Naomi (Urban Mummy) on March 26, 2007
  3. Personally, the dance show in the empty theatre was my favourite (although you know I loves me some dead rabbits).

    And the Children’s Place sale? To even get to a rack you had to sacrifice your spleen (or ankle, or right arm)… Moms + $2.99 = far more disturbing sights than rabbits and snakes.

    Comment by SciFi Dad on March 26, 2007
  4. 2.99! I’m going this weekend!
    I’m really shy about meeting people from online, because I’m a big ol’ dork in real life. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, though!

    Comment by Rebecca on March 26, 2007
  5. What about: Real Moms get great satisfaction in pulling out big boogies from their babies nose (err..or is that just me?…)

    Comment by Christine on March 26, 2007
  6. Oh, no Christine — it’s not just you. I also get a freakish sense of satisfaction when I finally manage to extract a honking big boogie from my son’s nose.

    Comment by Carmen on March 26, 2007
  7. Love it. How many times in three years have I inspected the butt crack??? Countless.

    Comment by Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom on March 26, 2007
  8. why is it, even as a nurse, the talk of boogers makes my stomach turn???

    Real Moms may inspect their children’s asses, but Real Nurses will inspect the ass of anyone who puts in a formal request…not to mention a few reluctant ones!

    Comment by iris on March 26, 2007
  9. Wonder if they are having the same sale in Indiana??? Might need to go check that out. $2.99!! I’ve gotten a lot of good deals there.

    Comment by Fenicle on March 26, 2007
  10. i’ve been finding the same thing – that i see things and think “real moms…” it’s funny, actually, and makes me look more closely at things i might otherwise miss. i figure anything that does that is a good thing. 🙂

    Comment by lara on March 26, 2007
  11. And real dads do all those too.

    Have a great day.


    Comment by Mike on March 26, 2007
  12. Thanks Ali for your sweet post. We did have a great time too 🙂 Even though the bunny and MTM weren’t feeling up to snuff.

    Yes, Real Moms certainly is my new catch phrase because there are just so many things to add to the list. Real Moms are always up to no good, checking out butt cracks and pressing real cheeks up against glass to see snakes.

    Thanks for your linky love 😉

    Comment by Multi-tasking Mommy on March 26, 2007
  13. Is Children’s Place near Reptilia? More importantly…$2.99!?!?!? Glad you guys had fun!

    Comment by Haley-O on March 26, 2007
  14. yep the stuff that us moms do for our whats childrens place?and what can you buy there for 2.99$ ? well i have a good real moms do 2 year old painted my toenails and fingernails with bright pink polish and i left it on and even went out in public.she actually did a better job on my toes than i do.

    Comment by LAVENDULA on March 26, 2007
  15. Well, if you read Tracy Thompson’s latest post on:
    you will see that real moms sometimes call the cops!!!! Somehow inspecting their asses sounds delightful in comparison!

    Comment by Di on March 26, 2007
  16. Real moms see that there is a $2.99 sale and begin to drool…

    You are totally fabulous, cool, funny and gorgeous. There is no hiding it.

    Comment by Jana on March 27, 2007
  17. I would have woken up the kid for a $2.99 sale at the CP. Holy lord — $2.99!

    Comment by cryitout on March 27, 2007
  18. Great blog! Love the ‘real mom’ stuff! I’m into the ‘older real mom’ stuff like – Answering questions about sex without flinching. But, yes, there is still the occasional bum inspection!

    Comment by Deanna on March 27, 2007
  19. Ali – just a big set of kudos to your family for participating in the food drive – hunger and poverty knows no cultural or religious bounds, unfortunately. Have a good Passover!!!

    (mmm, I need to get to the kosher shop here in Perth to get me some bagels now LOL).

    Comment by Heidi on March 27, 2007

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