November 27 05

everyone here is blown away by how perfect Isabella is.
oh, they say, she never cries.
she never fusses.
she’s so amazing.

yes, of course, she is.
because she is being held 95% of the day.
and she’s not sleeping at night either.

but both those things aren’t anyone’s concern.
but mine.

because i’m holding this child all freakin’ day. and all freakin’ night.
i’m pretty sure her being up tonight at 1:30 am..instead of her usual 4 am-7 am stretch…is because yesterday morning i broke down and took tylenol sinus. i think it’s affecting her.

i’m about 100% sure i have a sinus infection.
i’ve told my father, the doctor, about 12 times.
he’s helped me about 0 times.

they are too wrapped up in doing their own thing to worry about things like that…if it doesn’t fit into their schedule, it’s not important,

please, please, please please remind me…all you readers out there…remind me NEVER to take another trip to either of my parents again.

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