November 25 05

~~oh, Gary is gone. everyone i like in this game has fallen prey to the Stephenie show….amy, brandon, bobby jon, and now gary. cripes. my god…he’s the best. he pointed out that Stephenie was running the show and when he called Judd out for lying. go gary! too bad he can’t win anymore. i’ll miss him.

~~i still don’t understand why Stephenie thinks she’s entitled to everything. did you see how angry she was when her pots were smashed??? holy eye-rolling, whining fit!

~~why did Danni vote for Gary? i don’t get it.

~~i like Rafe…the cute little gay mormom. but, he best be stopping winning all those challenges..lest the great big wrath of stephenie be voting his ass out of the tribe.

~~loved BJ and jamie laughing like howler monkeys on the bench. so adorable. best TC ever!

~~and Lydia…my little fishmonging pancake dancer?? you haven’t eaten because you are complete dead weight in the challenges. she should eat her sour grapes!


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