February 13 06

so, last night we had our 60th birthday party for my mother in law.
it was actually so nice for her. she had all four of her kids in town (2 live here, 1 in israel and 1 in montreal) and all four of her siblings in town (1 lives in Toronto, 1 in israel and 2 in England). and they were all there last night.

we made a video for her of all the grandchildren singing “when i’m 64”. it was hysterical. my kids are easy to pick out. i had one showboating…one sitting pretty….and one not really doing much of anything…you should be able to see the video here.

the party was sushi and sweets and i ate way too much of both. veggie sushi. yum. edammame. yum. red velvet cake. yum. today i feel pretty gross from eating so much last night. but, it was worth it. how often does your mother in law turn 60? (i guess it’s actually at least twice since i thought our trip to tremblant was her 60th birthday celebration…)

there was a guy there doing caricatures. i don’t think he quite got us right.
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he did manage to give me great hair (very kelly ripa-esque), but did he need to give me a mustache? really?


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