February 13 06

so. good.

~oh my god. “That is not the she he was asking for.”

~best line? “O’Mally, stop looking at my va-jay-jay” I heart Bailey so much, it’s not normal. aw. baby bailey’s middle name is George.

~liked the parallel shower scenes.

~ack! “Like we were going to do it every day for the rest of our lives” ….ah..melt…swoon…i was hoping for some smooching action…but i thought the scene was sweet.

~ha! Izzy had sex hair when she was talking to the chief’s wife (i CAN only think of her as the lady for Boston Public)…and i totally loved that she laughs at completely innapropriate times…because i? totally do too!

~Burke and McDreamy getting out of the elevator. hot. and i liked how now they call each other by their first names. sweet.


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