February 14 06

so, one of the boys in Emily’s school just got kicked out of afternoon school and over the last few days, all hell has broken loose on the carpool circuit.

yes, you read that correctly. Kicked out.
Emily goes to two schools. She goes to the ridiculously expensive private school (for which we pay a whopping $4800 a year for 3 hours a day) and then she goes to public school in the afternoon (for which we pay nothing and LOVE LOVE LOVE).
This boy in her class, we’ll call him Y (to protect his innocence…), and he’s always been really out of control. I can’t handle him in carpool. and now the teacher’s can’t handle him in school. They called his mother and said he’s “not ready for junior kindergarten. Maybe try again next year.” his poor mother. I actually feel quite bad for her.

the catch for me is that she used to drive at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, now I have to switch my “easy” lunch carpool to a “hard” lunch carpool, and I’m NOT happy about it. Sure, I’m still only driving 5 times a week. And sure, Y is no longer in the carpool so it should be easier for me. But still, it’s a pain in ass.

did I mention that I HATE carpool????


are there any Y&R watchers out there?
i’m really annoyed with the show.
i used to be a huge Colleen and JT fan.
now she’s back. but she’s not Colleen. she’s a terrible replacement.
so now i don’t care about Colleen and JT anymore.
i used to be a huge Lily and Daniel fan.
now she’s back. but she’s not Lily. She’s a terrible replacement.
so now i don’t care about Lily and Daniel anymore.

anyone noticing a theme here?
memo to soaps. do NOT replace actors. it only annoys the crap out of the die-hard fans.


I went to the gym today.
between watching Regis and Kelly and playing my “what celeb do you look like?” game the time passed so quickly and i had a really good workout.
this morning Craig T. Nelson was there and Joe Rogan. i don’t think that this was the first time that Joe Rogan was at the gym…


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