July 28 06

Canadian Mama Bloggers:

1. NinePoundDictator
It’s Rebecca Eckler, folks. Need i even say more??

2. Martinis For Milk
ah…a girl after my own heart. she writes about wife swapping and putting the gay (anyone surprised by this news?) Lance Bass in space.

3. The Cheaty Monkey
Someone i actually know! in real life! Haley’s a good friend and an ex-cowker (but don’t get me started on that) and her cute little monkey turns 1 today!!!

she’s queen of all things Toronto. The Toronto Mommy’s survival guide? yeah, she writes that, too.

5. Sometimes Holland Feels Like Hell
she’s Irish. and she’s awesome. she’s got two adorable boys and a babe on the way. and i know her in real life too. well, kind of.

they come from a world of hockey. and curling.
where people eat poutine. and kraft dinner. and timbits. and coffee crisp. and homo milk (out of a bag).
where people use toonies and loonies instead of bills.
where they have victoria day and boxing day. and thanksgiving is in October.
where people use words like hoser. and tuque. and two-four.
where the beaver is a truly noble animal.
where people shop at roots. and canadian tire.
where people say “eh” and zed

they are awesome.
and there are so many more out there. Jodi. Naomi. what about you? who’s your favorite Canadian Blogger?

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