July 27 06

i am officially the proud owner of a brand new ipod.
sure…it’s only a 4th generation.
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but it has 20 whole spanking gbs. i’m SOOO excited.
and i got it on ebay.
for $100!
take that apple! one. hundred. dollars.

it’s apple’s fault that i had to go to my good pal ebay to find me what i wanted.
here’s what apple offers:
a) a shuffle. teeny weeny. holds like 2 songs and you can only play them on shuffle. (fine, fine, it holds more than 2, but it’s a 512. VERY SMALL)
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b) a nano. it’s nice to look at, sure. and it’s very small. terrific. but…apple only offers it in 1, 2 or 4 gb sizes. um..i don’t think so…
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c) a video. in 30gb or 60 gb. tons of storage space. more than i’d ever need. and it has video. which i’d never use.
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what about the people who want more than 4 gb but don’t need the super fancy 30gb video??? there are no options here.
what the hell?
oh, and also…i won a bid on a cover and an armstrap…for, get this, one penny. one stinkin’ little penny. i’m so excited. and also completely addicted to ebay. what else do you think i can win for under a nickel???


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