March 28 05

~~I’m so happy to have my Bree back. it’s been way too long.

~~Susan – dare i say it – looked good this episode. except she’s such a dumbass. who puts a tape into someone’s else’s vcr? take it home with you and watch it there….idiot. and she blabbed EVERYTHING to Edie. What was she thinking?

~~ew. Edie and Paul. gross. but i loved her this week: “Of course I believe in evil. I work in real estate”

~~loved the laundry in the jacuzzi. classy. but please…never show Carlos shirtless again.

~~i didn’t despise Lynette in this episode. i actually felt bad for her for a minute…and then i remembered that she pretended that her kid had cancer to get into a class at the gym. i don’t feel bad for her anymore. she plays dirty, too.

~~Where’s gay Andrew???


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