March 25 05

~~boring. boring. and more boring. but i did get the warm fuzzies at the end. aw. Cohen family dinner.

~~ooh.loved Ryan saying that ugly hats were Marissa’s thing. damn straight.

~~”You’re back! But no one EVER comes back…” – loved that. think: Alex, Linsday, Theresa, Jimmy, Hailey, Luke, Anna, Caitlyn…they never come back…

~~Sandy also makes me smile when he mentioned his “porn star mother-in-law”

~~How come Sandy can’t spring for some money for Ryan to buy a new sweatshirt? i swear, he’s wearing the same grey hooded sweatshirt in EVERY episode.

~~and what was with the hair in this episode? Seth’s is too short. Ryan’s is too long. and Kirsten’s had this weird bumpity-bump thing at the sides the whole time. totally distracting.

~~Marissa – put on a bra for the sake of those around us.



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