March 28 05

we have officially begun toilet training in our house.
heaven help us. please.

with the girl we had it so easy. she pretty much trained herself in a day. in. one. day. people. no joke. she was so good about it. the boy, on the other hand, is not going to be that easy to train. and i’m nervous leaving it in the hands of my nanny. it’s not going to be good….i can’t already tell (that’s the pessimist in me, though). i knew we were in trouble when i said, “he’s not to wear diapers again. ever. but at nap time and bed he can wear pull ups.” and then she said, “and when we go out, he wears pull ups.” um. no. that’s not what i said. she probably won’t listen to me anyway….

Emily’s being a really big help to us with this whole process. most likely because Josh gets 2 mini chocolate chips for a pee and 4 for a poo (yes, we believe in bribery) and she thinks that if she helps out, she can get the chocolate chips too. heck, if she’s willing to clean out the potty for us…i think that’s worth 2 measly mini chips…

wish us luck. we are seriuosly going to need it.


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