September 15 04

Please, my dear readers, take note.
Do not, under any circumstances, home highlight.
Yes, Herbal Essences makes a home highlighting kit. And yes, the commercials might be enticing. Why spend 80 dollars to get your hair professionally highlighted, when for $11, you can do it at home???!!

I will give you the answer in one word. CRAP. That’s what this product is. Crap.

Sure, when I was in high school I experimented with home hair color, I think everybody does. I went blond, I went red, and I think I one point my hair had a slight purple-ish tint to it. But, that was high school, folks.

My boss, yes, one of the head honchos at the office tried a little home highliting last night…and needless to say, the results are disastrous. Poor girl needs some serious hair therapy. and now, she either has the choice of going to the salon to get fixed, or waiting it out. Most people would opt for the salon choice. I’m beginning to think that maybe the Herbal Essences people are in cahoots with the salon people…”Hey, salon people, if we sell a crap product to these willing customers, we can assure that they will come running to you and will cough up the $80 bucks that they were too cheap to pay in the first place.”

Please, please, please. If you are going to color your hair. Go to a professional.

  1. this is the exact reason I will only go to a professional. Your poor boss.

    Comment by Anonymous on September 16, 2004
  2. My wife tries to save the money as well and I tell her to go and get it done by a professional. She finally went when she came out of the bathroom looking “goth.”

    Comment by riskybiz on September 19, 2004

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