September 15 04

a little throwback to the good ole bar/bat mitzvah days

note: i don’t know these people, but i do think I had that Benetton shirt…I wouldn’t dare post my own batmitzvah pictures, for fear of ridicule. Instead, I’d rather take a moment to ridicule us all. The big poofy dresses, the horrible, ginormous glasses, the bows…oh lord…the bows. What were we thinking???

this is curtesy of what’s now become one of my favorite websites: Bar Mitzvah Disco

  1. I was so scared to scroll down to see you identify which one was you in the first pic – thankfully it’s generic! How horrible! Definetly a period in fashion time that must be forgotten.

    Comment by Anonymous on September 16, 2004
  2. it’s funny Sara, because my husband thinks that the Benetton girl looks like me!!

    Comment by Ali on September 20, 2004

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