May 13 05

~~Okay, so Kendra’s task looked slightly easier than Tana’s, but could they have possibly made viewers despise Tana any more??? I wanted to throw things at my tv, she was upsetting me so much. from her cocky-ness to her bad-mouthing of the people WHO WERE WORKING FOR HER, Tana was an complete arse last night.

~~Kendra’s got this in the bag.

~~The lack of American flag was a HUGE mistake. or as Trump would say, YOOGE.

~~Kendra calling “Tana? Tana?” from the toilet had me in stitches. ha!

~~Loved Kendra’s face when she saw the brochure. priceless

~~I was actually impressed with Chris for admitting that he was TRYING with Tana.

~~“It’s best when the boss just lets their employees go on ahead of them so they can feel like an employee and I’ll stay back here like an executive.” yeah…okay…

~~Tana is screwed. Congratulations, Kendra. You are the new Apprentice. Why exactly do we need next week???


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