May 16 05

Okay…last night i was out to dinner with my family, and when i walked in the door my nanny was watching survivor and i walked in to see the final 2…argh…i was so upset…but also trying to figure out how that happened. so, i watched the end and then went back and watched the beginning this morning.

okay…Ian. could he possibly be any worse of a liar? i guess now he’ll go down with the Colby award for giving up a million dollars (although if he was in final 2 with Tom, he might not have won).

okay…Katie? what the hell…she didn’t even bother to answer Janu’s questions? did she think she was going to win without a possible Janu vote? and what the hell? was that even her at the finale? i think Katie’s on crack. just an opinion.

okay….Tom. that was totally 100% deserved. your entire tribe had ample opportunity to get rid of you, but no one stepped up. you rocked the challenges. congrats!

okay…i really loved when Tom said, “Oh, it’s your soul speaking to us now.” i got a good chuckle out of that.

okay….gotta lurve Jeff Probst (although his hair at the reunion show was bothering the crap out of me)…Jeff: “Anybody think I made Janu quit?” Coby: Raises hand
Jeff: “See? Nobody!”

okay…Coby names his daughter Janu?? maybe he’s on crack too..


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