May 13 05

~~ I can’t figure out Ian. is he just stupid? did he and Tom not decide that it would be best if one of them won to take a female? was he just upset with katie and wanted to stick it to her? and why the hell can’t the women EVER get their acts together? Does Katie not see how much better of a shot she has in the final 3 against Jenn and CAryn than Tom and Ian??

~~The best tribal council EVER. “I can’t wait to see how this plays out!” Jeff sure is loving this!

~~I’m glad that Caryn got the boot, but not entirely surprised…since Mia spilled the beans 🙂

~~ha! Katie saying “I don’t know what I’m doing” is the first true thing out of her mouth in weeks.

~~Ian needs to learn how to lie. big time. stuttering incoherently is NOT going to get people to believe you.

~~Katie’s still fat. they could have edited out her tummy rolls in some of the challenge shots..for the sake of all of our stomachs.

~~SHould be an interesting finish. Jenn better hope she wins immunity.

  1. This is a very tchiuong story You made a wonderful decision about being an organ donor . What a great gift for Katie ! ! what a beautiful child ! And I also watched all of ADA’s videos she was a very beautiful and intelligent child , with a beautiful singing voice !! !!!! I loved all the videos and pictures….. you can tell she was a very loving child… I am a friend of Brook Buchanan s ( her aunt) I remember when this happened……..I have been praying for you…………… I also lost my granddaughter back in April………. I know thIs pain !!!!!! my son and daughter-n-law are now trying to adopt 2 children from the ukraine God is a good God!! And we will see Adaleigh and my Abigail Hope Dahlen again !! The hope project.yosolite . com May God continue to Bless you !!

    Comment by Defi on February 8, 2012

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