April 23 08

Josh: “mommy…whose picture is on that money?”

me: “George Washington is on the $1 bill”

Josh: “Who’s he?”

me: “he was the first president of the United States, hon” (ali kicks herself. must. move. back. to. the. states.)

Emily: “huh…i always thought George Clooney was on the dollar bill…”

i swear to god. i about died. how does my 7-year-old even know who George Clooney is? and who knew there was a company that actually made George Clooney money?? i am so buying some for her.

she has to have gotten that from a tv show, right? right?

speaking of what my daughter is watching. we decided to watch a movie together, and since i didn’t want to watch She’s the Man for the 400th time, we checked the family section on TMN on-demand (think: poor man’s HBO), and she picked Georgia Rule. I thought, i can deal with this. Sure, Lindsay Lohan is in it, but so is Felicity Huffman. and Jane Fonda. and Dermot Mulroney (yum!).

needless to say, about 15 minutes in we needed to shut it off…because during this innocent-looking scene…

Lindsay removes her thong and spreads wide eagle for her brand-new-never-touched-a-girl-mormon friend. WHAT THE FUCK? This movie was in the FAMILY section. as in, movies for the family to watch together??! other movies included Charlotte’s Web and The Last Mimzy.

i think we’ll go back to the Parent Trap and Freaky Friday…Lindsay Lohan movies where she doesn’t blow young innocent boys in boats. because she’s seven. she might know who George Clooney is…but i sure as hell don’t want her to know what Lindsay Lohan could be doing to him 😉

  1. that’s incredible about the movie .. holy crap..
    reminds me of the time I got Oliver Twist for the kids to watch (my 14 yr old stayed with my 7 yr old) while went to dinner. Turns out the movie had shootings, knives and guns etc, scared the crap out of my then 5 yr old and thankfully 14 yr old turned it off. Only did I learn this next morning. Turns out Oliver Twist is very very different from Oliver! (the musical) .. hmmm. AND it was in the family section too…..

    Comment by Sarah on April 23, 2008
  2. that’s unbelievable! (did you watch the rest later to find out what happened…?) I know I wouldn’t have been able to resist but then – I love cheesy flicks – but not for the kids of course!

    Comment by KathyM on April 23, 2008
  3. Fire crotch! What’s next, Paris Hilton as Alice in Wonderland?

    Cristan’s last blog post..Earth Day 2008

    Comment by Cristan on April 23, 2008
  4. That was in the family section?
    How insane is that? Did you shut it off or fast forward? I’m sure emily wont truly undertsnd it- I remember watching dirty dancing when I was 6 and had no idea what johnny’s cousin meant by “Penny is knocked up” and then “A man with a dirty knife and a folding table came in”.

    Maya’s last blog post..R- Is for Randomness

    Comment by Maya on April 23, 2008
  5. So, basically I’ll be stuck watching Dora and Diego? And the Wonder Pets? Forever?


    Angella’s last blog post..Hair Wednesday: Through The Ages

    Comment by Angella on April 23, 2008
  6. EEEEEK.
    I check all movies on Commmonsense Media before we watch them, which saves us from scenes like that. Yuck.

    Comment by Rebecca on April 23, 2008
  7. NAUGHTY fire crotch!just what we want our 7 year old daughters to learn about.spreading and blowing…last night my 7 year old was watching 2 and a half men and laughing at stuff she shouldn’t know about.so i asked her what was funny and thank god all she said was the way they are talking…

    Comment by LAVENDULA on April 23, 2008
  8. George looks like a million bu…oh wait, he looks like one buck.

    Stacy’s last blog post..I Laughed! I Cried! It Was Better Than Cats!

    Comment by Stacy on April 23, 2008
  9. Wow, I’m glad I was never tempted to SEE that movie. I feel bad for Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda, I like them in movies.

    Maryann’s last blog post..Icon Gallery Up!!

    Comment by Maryann on April 23, 2008
  10. oh snap, what next!?

    Holly’s last blog post..Idol Recap: Andrew Lloyd Webber?!?

    Comment by Holly on April 23, 2008
  11. you just made me into that girl who is sitting by herself at her desk laughing out loud with this one. so funny, like you said, that your daughter even knew who george clooney was, much less that he was the one on the dollar bill. i love your kid stories.

    tracey’s last blog post..in that great street carnival

    Comment by tracey on April 23, 2008
  12. What’s even more scary is that all of the movies you mentioned are remakes, including She’s the Man. I pictured the originals in all cases.

    Assertagirl’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

    Comment by Assertagirl on April 23, 2008
  13. Saw that movie on a plane…it was bad but FULL of sexual tension totally not appropriate for a seven year old.

    This is NOT a family movie! What were they thinking??

    Jen Maier’s last blog post..When someone else says it best

    Comment by Jen Maier on April 23, 2008
  14. Wow. Remind me not to see that movie, not that I was planning on it. How is that family friendly? As an adult, I don’t even want to see that with my mother!

    Megan’s last blog post..A Bubbling Whine.

    Comment by Megan on April 23, 2008
  15. That was in the kid’s section? Wow!

    Dianna’s last blog post..9 months

    Comment by Dianna on April 23, 2008
  16. I avoid all things Lindsay Lohan like the plague. If she’s in it, it’s bound to suck. Or blow.

    Burgh Baby’s last blog post..Write Your Own Caption (Again)

    Comment by Burgh Baby on April 23, 2008
  17. The Last Mimzy freaked me the eff out. Seriously.

    B2G’s last blog post..Last night’s numbers.

    Comment by B2G on April 23, 2008
  18. Lol! I was totally shocked by that part of the movie too!! Wasn’t expecting it!

    Bronnie’s last blog post..Things I have learned this week

    Comment by Bronnie on April 23, 2008
  19. Oh my! Hope you let the folks at the video store know they might want to change up their “family” section!

    Don Mills Diva’s last blog post..Shy boy, my boy

    Comment by Don Mills Diva on April 23, 2008
  20. When you first said that I was thinking that I was sure that wasn’t a kids movie. Weird that is was in the family section!

    My cousin used to always say Horace Grant (star player for the Chicago Bulls years ago) was on the $50 bill. Because that was the only Grant he knew.

    Kristabella’s last blog post..She’s BOSSY

    Comment by Kristabella on April 23, 2008
  21. Oh! That is funny. I wanna hang with your kids. You can come too.

    Miss’s last blog post..45 more

    Comment by Miss on April 23, 2008
  22. I would have died! Thinking She’s the Man is looking really good right about now, huh?!?!?!? Too funny about the money.

    tena’s last blog post..Please pass the tissue

    Comment by tena on April 23, 2008
  23. I love the first Parent Trap with Haley Mills. Love it!

    Amanda (Shamelessly’s last blog post..How is Your Self-Esteem? Mad-Lib it.

    Comment by Amanda (Shamelessly on April 23, 2008
  24. Can a person such as myself have sex with a dollar bill? Because damn….

    Queen of Shake Shake’s last blog post..A Well-Lived Life

    Comment by Queen of Shake Shake on April 23, 2008
  25. I want to be shocked, but come on, it’s Lindsay!

    Chantal’s last blog post..Bullety, Edition 28: Sunday Night Is The Most Depressing Time

    Comment by Chantal on April 23, 2008
  26. Wha? Don’t you just hate it when some random pointless scene like that shows up in an otherwise agreeable movie?

    slynnro’s last blog post..What’s in my…….?

    Comment by slynnro on April 23, 2008
  27. How DOES she know who George Clooney is! HA!!!

    Haley-O’s last blog post..I Fear…. Plus 13 Celebrity Phobias!

    Comment by Haley-O on April 23, 2008
  28. I heard that movie sucked. And? I just can’t handle Lindsay Lohan. Bleck.

    loralee’s last blog post..Sideblog: Google fun

    Comment by loralee on April 24, 2008
  29. Did I ever tell you that I secretly love Lindsay Lohan? And that even though she’s a washed-up coke-added burnout, I firmly believe that, if given the opportunity, I could help her? I HAVE A PROBLEM.

    metalia’s last blog post..All Over The Place

    Comment by metalia on April 24, 2008
  30. I can’t believe that movie was in the family section. Brutal! And, who has the time to preview first?

    Multi-Tasking Mommy’s last blog post..Widening Wednesday Week 16 – a day late!

    Comment by Multi-Tasking Mommy on April 24, 2008
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  32. Ack.

    And send me some George Clooney money while you are at it!

    Aimee Greeblemonkey’s last blog post..He has outside interests too.

    Comment by Aimee Greeblemonkey on April 28, 2008

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