February 15 06

~~okay, who else want to give those annoying twins two swift kicks in the nads? i can’t believe they are in the top 44. there’s no way they are moving on…their 15 minutes are well up.

~~and i’m sooo not into sway. i can’t believe everyone likes him so much. i’m sure he’ll make it to the top 12….

~~”You can’t keep a good cowboy down.” i’m actually not unhappy to see lil cowpoke go home. he was way out of his league here. but i found his little “brokenote cowboys” (?) little montage endearing…“I’m so green at this, and maybe in a few years I’ll become something.”

~~I adored the “Rat Pack” and i loved Mandisa. and Paris was surprisingly just “a’ight” last night.

~~I liked Elliot. and i loved that he blew tweedledum (or was it tweedledee) out of the water even though he slept all night and didn’t rehearse.

~~anyone know if Mecca is gone? you know, the pint-sized belly dancer???


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