February 15 06

last night i attended the most religious wedding i’d ever been to.
i mean, really, really religious.
so religious that i didn’t even get to sit the husband. not even for the meal.
the ceremony was separate, the dinner was separate, the dancing was separate.

it actually, surprisingly, was a beautiful wedding. The bride, Chana, who wore a wig to her own wedding, looked more beautiful then i’ve ever seen her. she was glowing and danced all night with an energy i can only dream of having. The groom, her second cousin, who i’ve met all of once before, looked stiff as a board and didn’t smile once the entire evening. he was probably nervous about the sex, since they’d never even been in a room alone together…

it’s a life i can’t even imagine. of covering your hair, your elbows, your knees. of black hats and long beards. of countless hours of Torah learning and praying. of no tvs or movies. it’s interesting, to say the least. but, they seem happy. and i’m happy for them.


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