April 21 06

“I put Cirie on my back…all 300lbs of her.” AKA Survivor
~~Shane brings new meaning to the word lunatic. i hate, hate, hate him. poor Courtney, finding out that her tribe likes her less than they like Shane? i would probably take that to heart, too. but, Courtney? when a man is on the floor writhing in pain, hearing you sing him a song is probably NOT going to help!
~~poor Bruce. that’s a tough, tough way to leave the game. oh, and the music in the backgroung when the medics came. the most hyserical moment on survivor, ever.
~~I really, really want Cirie to win this whole damn thing, but i really wanted her to send Shane to exile island.
~~yes, Shane, it’s Courtney who personalizes everything. and not you. right.
~~Aras is a tool if he truly believes that Terry is the one who wouldn’t be able to survive.
~~Courtney to Shane: “I want to be on your backside and I want you on my backside too.” BWAH

“I’m touching Ivy” AKA The OC
~~NO! I actually screamed at my tv when Kiki fell off the wagon. i’m so upset about this.
~~was anyone else so completely distracted by Anna’s hair? yikes. bad, bad, bad extensions. and the tan? nobody in pittburgh is that tan.
~~Theresa’s lying. 100%
~~Volchok watches the Sound of Music. that was sweet, in a creepy kind of way. okay, and also, someone might want to tell Marissa that Rolph in the sound of music was a freakin’ nazi.
~~call me crazy but i actually liked Marissa in this episode. i never thought i’d say that!!!


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