April 21 06

my friend Hana is seriously the funniest person i know.
i think the funniest part about her is that she’s so sweet and so unintentionally funny.
and sometimes things come out of her mouth and i swear, i’m peeing in my pants.
her newest story didn’t let me down.

she was in a meeting at work and someone was talking and she said (totally paraphrasing what she said), “you should all thank me because i put my finger in the dyke and saved the day.”

Hana’s mouth dropped to the floor. she was in total shock.
apparently, she had never heard of this legend.

so, she looked at her coworked and whispered,
“she put her finger,” and motioned a little up the butt hand motion, “In the dyke?”
after she repeated this several times she went on to say,
“is she a lesbian?”

i swear. in hysterics was i.

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