April 21 06

i know i’ve been slightly missing the last week or so, but it’s been one hell of a week.
i hate this passover holiday and am so thankful that it’s over.
it’s just too much. and it’s not even the food. because that i can deal with.
it’s the weeks and weeks of preparation.
it’s the having to “turn over” my kitchen to be pesadick (that’s the word. no joke. and i seriously can’t say it without laughing.) and then having to turn it back over to be regular.
it’s the having to constantly cook and clean and cook and clean.
it’s the having to take off two days of work at the beginning and two days of work at the end.

anyway, it’s over.
and i survived.
and i don’t have to do it again until next year.
and i’ll secretly hope we’re going back to the hotel.

our friends had a bris this morning for their new baby – Jonathan Aaron. so cute. love love love the name. my friend Sarah, the skinny bitch, i hate right now. she had a freakin’ c-section last week and is already skinnier than i am. HATE. HATE. but, the fact that they had starbucks coffee at their bris made up for the fact that i had to be out of the house this morning at 7:15.

my two older kids are out of control as of late.
these days of no school and staying up too late and having family members in town has really taken its toll.
on wednesday night, the boy decided to pee in the basement. and no, it wasn’t an accident. how do i know? it’s NOT an accident when the child pulls down his pants and pees on the floor.
so, he was put on the steps for an automatic 3 minute time-out.
about 20 minutes later the girl comes downstairs.
“Oh, no,” she says, “daniella and joshie are doing something crazy, i can’t even say what it is!”
“What did they do, Emily?”
“They peed on the floor in Joshie’s room!”
so, joshie gets punished again.
and somewhere along the line, the husband realizes that the girl definitely has something to do with it. after some careful interrogation on our parts, she fesses up. she told them to do it. and then after they did it, she ratted them out.

there’s just a little tiny wee bit of evil in my daughter. yikes.
so, there was punishment.
the girl and the boy were sent to bed. no stories. no songs. bed.
then we were supposed to go to my inlaws for lunch. my sister and brother in law were in from Montreal and the kids were so excited to see them. we went with the baby, and left them at home with our nanny. they were devasted.
but it worked. this was really the first real punishment our kids had.
it was so hard. i had a hard time leaving them. a really hard time.
but it was so necessary.
where did these kids learn the art of peeing on the floor??


in other news, i still can’t believe that the Tomkitten landed on the same day, in the same hospital as Brooke Shields’ baby Grier. it’s such a simple twist of fate. i wonder if Tom paid a visit to Brooke.
also, does anyone else find it funny that Moses Martin was born in Mount Sinai hospital???

hmmm..what else have i missed in the last couple of days?

Ace bites it on American Idol. this was a no-brainer this week. it was his turn to go. plus, after that horrid bun display, it was only right to give him the heave-ho. i was acutally so pessimistic about Rod Stewart week, but i thought most of the contestants were AMAZING. and Rod? hysterical. his baby? soooo cute.


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