August 14 05

well..folks…i’m officially the last man standing. (unless Becca is still around, but i’m not sure since she hasn’t posted all weekened)

When i found out that Ephraim and Tova had their baby boy on Friday night, I realized that of the 7 or so people who were due close to and around my due date, i’m the only one who is still pregnant. insanity. i can’t believe it. i never thought i’d be the last.

i took Tova’s news surprisingly well. I guess i’m just still shocked that they had a boy – i was totally 100% expecting them to have a girl. but now, i’m getting phone calls by the dozen, “oh my god, Tova had her baby! are you dying?” yeah, i appreciate those calls even less than i appreciate the ones i was getting before.

tomorrow i go for my nonstress test and biophysical profile and then to see my dr. to schedule my induction. i’m hoping for tuesday (or possibly Monday night!! what are the chances?????) but i’ll take wednesday or even thursday at this point. either way, by the weekend, i will have my baby in my arms.

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